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Purchase a racehorse

Did you always dream of owning your own racehorse? Race horses are usually auctioned publicly before they are old enough to have started their racing career. Where do I buy a racehorse? Observing a horse that you run to victory on the track is a thrill you can't deny. View our available flat and national hunting racehorses with stocks for every budget and become a registered racehorse owner.

Investing in a race horse

The rugby celebrity Mike Tindall was labelled an "idiot" by his late Zara Phillips when he injected 12,000 pounds onto a race horse. To own a racehorse is not only for those who move in upper class people. Approximately 8,215 racehorse breeders in the UK, from nobles to tinsmiths, are combined in their passion for the game.

In general, National Hunt ponies are less expensive than racehounds. Numbers from Britain's biggest racehammer auctioneer Tattersalls show that in the fall auction sales of trained ponies averaged 22,839 guineas or £23,980. Guideas are the classic money for equestrian sales: one Guide is £1.05. Whilst exclusive possession can only be for the wealthiest, unions (or partnerships) are gone to get into horseracing for less money.

This gives you the pleasure of owning a stable - you can go to the stable, see your horses being trained and talk to your coach about their futures and go parading at the race - without the six-figure outlay. Its first racehorse group was founded 20 years ago by Highclere Thoroughbred Racing and is now the biggest syndicate leader in Europe, with prominent proprietors such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Elizabeth Hurley.

"than being the exclusive proprietor. "In fact, Highclere's ponies are chosen by John Warren, the queen's purchaser, and placed with top coaches. In this case, the company will be dissolved and the stockholders will be disbursed. Once the mare has been selling more than she has purchased and won a race, she can get back more than she has made.

"We' re making it clear to syndicate buyers that this is not an investment: it is an opportunity to see top-end equestrian races at an accessible cost. "One of the former unions, however, was Petruska, who won the Irish Oaks in 2000. Most of the dogs are neutered, so there is no possibility of reselling them - but the prizes are also lower.

"It is considered the impoverished relative of shallow racing," said Nick Brown of Nick Brown Racing, who operates two unions, a 25-member association and two alliances. "He is currently selling eight stocks of the five-year old Wallach Smart Exit - who won on his last trip - for 2,000 plus 175 per months.

It' my owner does it because they like it. You' re not joining a course because you think you'll be winning the US Open, and you don't buy race horses to make moneys. It' an addiction to race - but it's much more costly than Class A medicines. Prices in motor sports are tax-free, but if you buy into a company and exit with a deficit, you cannot set it off against CYT.

Getting a feeling for what it is to own a stallion is one of the least expensive ways to do so is through a race team. The members of the association are not race pony owner. At the moment Elite has 18 trained and 10 broodmares. Prizes will be shared among the members, but the association retains the proceeds from the sale of the equidox.

The return on the trophy is very low and will always be, unless a winning equestrian gains an unusually high sum."

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