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I could find suppliers for western saddle trees of all kinds, but I cannot find suppliers for English saddle trees. Select the best English saddle pad for you and your horse. I' m tired of dragging my western saddle around anymore. If you buy an English saddle for a small budget, used saddles are a good choice.

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Please use your short button to go to the next or preceding headline to browse out of this roundabout. Please use your short button to go to the next or preceding headline to browse out of this roundabout. That saddle is better than I thought.

The saddle is made of genuine cowhide. I' m happy with this saddle and hoping it holds. It'?s shocking to see the grade! This saddle costs 1/10 of the cost of a traditional saddle shop. Volume has been superseded, but I am completely satisfied with this saddle. The saddle fit well, but the circumference is too big for my Arab.

Otherwise I am satisfied with this buy. Favour yourself (and your horse) by buying a used English saddle and building for the same amount of cash that will be given for this poorly designed object. Saddle itself is also this scaly colored structure. My saddle seat's upholstery was not even big enough to fit the timber the tree made of.

Bridles, reins and saddles were above expectation! Please use your short button to go to the next or preceding headline to browse out of this roundabout.

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Did you get your first saddle? The following well selected riders also bring their satisfaction. In general, the more you buy and use a saddle, the more you know about its shades and the more you appreciate how this large item of equipment affects you. Never tiring of looking at and checking out the H&R Nuts, I look forward to passing this joy on to you this past few months with the greatest H&R Nuts manual ever made.

Although I was raised with a horse, I did it in a small horse riding household and didn't pay much for their equipment. At first I divided a small used saddle with three friars and different co-usins. Later, in high school, I took part in competitions with rented show saddles and otherwise drove with a great uncle?s old working saddle.

At this point it had become a task to earn the cash for my own saddle. Horse back-riding was very important to me. Most of my lifetime had been devoted to working on getting better, and I came to long for the advantages of being able to ride in a saddle that fit me.

I had spent two summer with Guns for the neighbours to establish a $350 news noble family. This may not look like much saddle-dollar now, but at a point when chocolate bar was still valued at a certain level, it was a great deal to put aside.

Over the years I had been studying every saddle ad in every equestrian magazin I could get my fingers on and dreamed of the one I could buy. Only one saddle store was around for miles, but I had saved his small stock and referred to my compilation of advertisements. Eventually, when the time came for me to buy as a shopper rather than as a web surfer, I went directly to my first top selection and asked to give her a place.

What I don't know was more exhilarating: this first realisation that there is a distinction between how a saddle fits and feels, or the realisation that a saddle I love was at last within reach. This saddle (a Martha Josey signed scale for Potts Longhorn) had a $325 prize.

It gave me enough cash to buy a new one. Wearing my new equestrian equipment to my father's trunk, I was as proud as someone who drove a new vehicle from a garage. In retrospect, this saddle sale could very well have been a turning point in my equestrian world.

I immediately got better, just because I didn't have to compensate too much for a saddle that was too small or too big for me. And the more I ridden the saddle, the more he adapted to my physique, not someone else? And my saddle worked better, probably because the new saddle kept me better in balance and was more comfy on her back than the Make-do I used.

I learned from my first saddle that good equipment is worth it. Please go to to browse and post comments on their July Thorson?s Horse Talk blogs at

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