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Purchase horse feed wholesale

Liquid; fats; fats, molasses, oils; feed premixes; food salt;

horse products.

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In 2006, we started to establish ourselves as a leading company in the production, supply, wholesale and export of a wide range of poultry feeds, poultry concentrates, poultry feed additives, broiler crumbs, broiler concentrates, layer crumbs, layer concentrates, breeder feed, EMU feed, cattle feed, goat feed, horse feed, horse feed, pig feed, lab animal feed, aqua feed, animal feed, etc.

On the world markets we are known as one of the leading animal feed exporters. All our animal feed is of high qualitiy and is purchased directly from the best agricultural companies or manufactured in a hygienic way by the producers. Our animal feeds are free of chemicals that guarantee a high level of animal welfare and keep them in good condition.

The feed we give our pets enhances their muscle and performance.

The South Dakota Company Buys Wholesale Feeds in Morocco

The Consumers Supply Distribution Co. of North Sioux City, S.D., acquires the asset and interest interests of Wholesale Feeds Inc. in Marion. They are wholesalers of feed, insecticides, vitamin and special ingredient products for the large livestock market. In a post on its website, the Consumer Supply Distribution says that it will take over the operation of wholesale feeds on September 3 and is planning to resume operation as normal in Marion.

Established in 1961 in Cedar Rapids by Earl Brunson, Wholesale feeds began as a small scale feed distribution firm with 12 staff. 1998 the enterprise relocated to a new 70,000 square meter premises at 6000 Linn Aire Ave. in Marion. It is said that Wholesale Feeds has between 80 and 100 staff. Consumers Supply Distribution, established in 1956, has added a range of domestic dog food to its wholesale operations, such as horse feed, pets' feed, show food and pet food.

Who we are

Elite Equine Nutrition Corporation is a Consumers Supply affiliate. We have been working in the agricultural sector since 1956 and are the leading wholesaler of agricultural goods and related professional activities for growers and herders. Our retailer clients are offered pet food and feed ingredient solutions, feed quality pharmaceutical solutions, feed quality aminos, nutrient premixes and pet care specialties.

Our customers should know that our company is FCI accredited (Facility Certification Institute), a feed standards body to guarantee feed and feed security, and we are AFIA accredited (American Feed Industry) Safe Feed/Safe food program. Consumer Supply befindet sich à North Sioux City, Dakota du Sud.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Sioux City, Iowa, where we also produce Country Vet Pet Foods, a full line of pet foods for dogs and cats.

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