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Below is a fast track listing of stores in Dubai that sells horse and riding equipment, care equipment, healthcare items, nutritional supplementation and more. When you can't find the product you're looking for, try your hand at ebay. There are many stores in the UK and Australia supplying to the UAE at sensible cost.

You have a store in Dubai that also markets these items, but you are not on the docket?

Which basic riding equipment does your young horseman need?

Your young horsewoman will emotionally and enthusiastically take a "I have this attitude" and feels prepared to climb a bangs for her first outing. Though she may have the right settings, she also needs the right equipment to make sure her first trip is secure and comfortable. First of all, make sure that your baby wants to keep riding.

There' s no point in putting a whole bunch of equipment into it if you loose interest after a few hours. Riding can be an exorbitant activity, so you'll want to begin with the basics and supplement if necessary. This is a check list of the essential riding equipment your young horse needs to keep safely in the saddle. Here is a list of the equipment your young horse needs.

Helm. Do not let your baby get on a horse or fringe unless he or she is carrying a robust, close-fitting safety harness to prevent him or her from being injured in the event of a crash. You may be able to hire a instructor for the first few hours, so ask before you buy one.

If you choose to buy one, look for an ASTM/SEI-approved riding-card. Young riders new to the game might choose a school crash helmet instead of the more costly show crash helmet, available in a variety of different size options and long lasting, light, ventilated and fully customizable. You' d better think you spent $30 or more on a high-grade hat.

Make sure you have a detachable roof lining with a detachable, cleanable headlining. PADDOK boot. If your young female horseman begins for the first time, she should be wearing ankle-length poddock shoes when riding a bangs. Boot provides much needed knuckle protection and the small toe prevents minute legs from sliding out of the stapes. Find a good couple of good poddock boot that start at about $30.

Trousers. During the first few hours, your little horsewoman can put on trousers or trousers to make sure her feet don't rub on the leathers. At some point you'll want to buy a set of riding trousers like riding trousers or riding socks. Make sure the hard-wearing padded trousers (and knees!) are properly protected against abrasion.

In order to keep small arms from blowing and above all to guarantee a firm hold on the rein, two mittens round off the "must-haves" for young people. They can find a good couple of kid-gripper mitts for under $10. Make sure your young female horse jumper has the essential riding equipment she needs for a secure journey before jumping on her first one.

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