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Typerary Sportage Western riding helmet Low. Do you wear a helmet when you jump on your horse? How To Buy A Riding Hat Your Horse Magazine

Much as we like them, we all know that our four-legged buddies can be erratic and driving will never be without it. The use of advanced fabrics and design makes riding caps light, well vented, good-looking and provides the best possible safety for your helmet in the case of an anomaly.

It is important with a wide selection of riding caps that you buy the one that suits your needs. The only way to offer you the best possible shelter in the case of a crash. Your hat, which nestles around your skull, but without pressing your temple, should serve as an orientation aid.

If it is easy to loosen the parachute after attachment, it is too big for you. Should you not be sure how to ensure this, contact your nearest Beata dealer and ask if they can verify it for you. Damaging the inside can mean that it no longer provides you with the level of security that it should.

In the course of the years, the protecting inner life deteriorates and offers less shelter. The CE marking must be affixed to all health and saftey devices to show that they meet the essential health and saftey standards. UG1 (with or without Kitemark or IC Mark) - Similar test specification to that of the standard EN 1384. In 1998/2011 (with or without Kitemark or IC Mark) - PAS is the abbreviation for PAS certification specification issued by the British Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (BSI).

In 2011 the 2011 standards demand more from the hat than the one before. ASM F1163: 2004a/2015 (with SEI mark) - An US norm similar to PAS 015: This hat often has quite large air-vents. The Snell Snell E2001/E2016 - Designed in the United States by the Snell Institute, this is a high performing test that covers all aspect of ASTM and PAS 015, but the test involves a sharpened horse shoe end, which incorporates a step from a horse, higher strokes and an extra semi-spherical end to represent an irregular but not sharpened area such as a beam or foot.

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