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As soon as you have bought your horse, probably the most costly unique item you will buy is a saddle. This fact alone is sufficient grounds to make a careful choice when choosing a saddle, although it is not the only one, as you will see later. It is not intended to tell you which saddle to buy, but to point out some of the things you should consider when making your own choice.

What type of saddle should you buy? First you have to choose what kind of saddle you need. It is often the type of sports you take part in that determines your saddle. Training, show jumps, horse riding, and saddle sitting tests all demand a very pronounced saddletyle. My Saddle Facts articles provide information about the different saddle types in England and the West and the activity for which they are best for.

But choosing is not always that easy. Cyclists who like to horseback rides on the tracks, for example, can do this either in a general use saddle or in a westernsaddle. When you are mainly horse back ridden on the track, but want to experience the thrill of bouncing over the fell tree trunks you encounter on the way, you can opt for an all-round saddle in England.

I chose a horse saddle for my Percheron horse, although I usually rides in British. One of the reason I chose this saddle was that I do not intend to jump with this filly and Frank said that he would not be seen killed in an British saddle.

In addition, I was able to find a westernsaddle with an especially broad esophagus for this broodmare and the decision was made. The other options not listed above are Australia seats, which are available in a west facing model with or without one. Talking of perseverance horse riding, there are especially developed perseverance calipers, which were constructed for the convenience on long distances.

Genuine saddle made of genuine cowhide or synthetics? Nowadays, horse lovers are almost spoilt for choices. The first time artificial calipers were launched, they were coated with woven gauze and often available in vibrant colours, which means that they were not suitable for showing. They are now made of imitation and suedeleather and look like conventional saddle.

Further benefits of plastic calipers are their light weight and ease of cleaning. These are available in a large selection of languages, both East and West. There are still chic colours for artificial calipers, if you wish. The saddle is made of traditionally made materials.

But not all leathers are the same and the saddle, which looks like a good deal, can be made of inferior, import-material. If a saddle does not suit your horse correctly, it can lead to all kinds of workout and sickness. If the saddle does not sit correctly, it is unpleasant to ride and throws you out of your post.

If the saddle fits your horse or not, the most important characteristic of the saddle is the width of the oesophagus. The back of the horse is not equally large and ranges from the distinctive withers of the thoroughbred horse to the round Hammel muster, often found in Arabs and quarter horses. When the saddle you have chosen has an oesophagus that is too broad, the saddle presses on the atrist.

When the esophagus is too tight, the saddle pinches. The other points to consider are the saddle's equilibrium, when it is on the horse, the knob and knob planes, or the saddle tilts forward or backward. An off-horizontal saddle creates unpleasant stress on your horse and makes it harder for you to hold your post.

Besides the adjustment of the horse, it is important that the saddle fits the horseback. If the saddle is too small, you will feel uncomfortable if you hit the knob with every step (believe me, I was there).

A new or used saddle? When you are just entering the horse business and trying to keep costs down, you should consider a used saddle. Second-hand calipers have the advantages that they do not require a "running-in phase" and that the calfskin, provided it is well cared for, is already smooth, flexible and finished.

Most saddle shops take used calipers on commission and offer them at very competitive rates. Like Tim Raisbeck explains in this paper, pricing and fitting are not the only criteria when choosing a used saddle.

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