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Hoekes offers a wide range of saddles in all price categories. You are online and look at the horse advertising. Buying a saddle online It is difficult to find a saddle that is a good fit, even if you can see it in the saddle. It would be perfect to bring a saddle with various choices to your yard, or to take a saddle on test, as you can do with the SmartPak Test Ride Program or your on-site Stack Store.

However, say your money doesn't allow a new saddle - or you don't exist in the heart of nowhere, and you won't be able to just come back and forth to collect and give back test calipers. The purchase of used online purchase can work - but what you do not pay in the purchase you will make up in the period you have used for the research.

Find out a little about the saddle fits. When you don't know much about saddle fits, contact someone who does - a wrong saddle can be a pain for your horse and make you a grass arrow at best or, in the worse case, a long-term lay-up and rehabilitation. Schleese Saddlery's YouTube video is one of my favourite sources.

Try as many similar backgauge as possible. If they are not exactly the kind you are looking for (or if you do not know what you are looking for), you can rent a saddle from your coach or your friend to see how different saddle makes match your horse to find out what your needs and wishes are.

Basically you want to find out what kind of saddle you want (close contacts, jumps, all-purpose?), as well as the harness and saddle sizes you and your horse need. If you try several different types of saddle, you will hopefully find out which characteristics and makes you like ( front flaps, knees, low seats, etc.).

Obsessive online research. As soon as you have limited your quest a little with the height and kind of saddle you need, you will begin to look more about your favorite makes. Browse far and wide from the corporate website to online reviewing websites like SmartPak or Dover to online discussion boards and even reviewing websites.

Do you see a saddle that is either loved or hated by man? Is there a clear difference between a saddle produced after a certain year and an older saddle of a certain name? Begin the quest. When you have chosen a make and saddle, create a watching page on Ebay, place a "search for" ad on Facebook Groups and find out if there is a horse classified ad page for your region.

Be sure to specify the boom, fit and other specification, such as only those made after a specific year, or those with an esophageal exchange system. Beautiful calipers will flood your mailbox and news feed, and you may see one that isn't quite what you've been looking for.... but you can round it up because it's such an astonishing cost, or because you can try pressing your ass into a 16.

5?..... Better to keep to what suits you and your horse. You can ask MANY Q&A and get MANY images. When you find a saddle you want to examine, you need to be more patients - first to make sure you are not cheated and secondly to make sure that the saddle is suitable for you and your horse.

Sideview is the absolute minimal! There''s no default way to determine the treetop height, but a point-to-point photograph like this gives an indication of the width of the saddle. One look from behind should be completely symmetric - if not, the boom may be upended. Looking at the saddle from below could show clumps and unevenness in the flock.

For example, this saddle is a little underfilled and could use re-flocking. You know the right things to ask. A sincere salesman will be pleased to respond to your queries. But even well-intentioned salesmen could simply be mistaken..... like when they say their saddle fits every horse. These are a general sales argument, but poor news-no saddle can accommodate every horse, so you'll be glad you have figures to try and verify their requirements.

These are a few things you should ask yourself: In which year was the saddle produced? When possible, ask if you can sign a test saddle agreement. All vendors are not willing to do this if they do not know you, as it is possible that you can simply take the saddle and run!

There are other ways to secure payment only through PayPal for customer privacy and to ensure that your vendor receives a tracker number when shipping the saddle to you. We hope you have found the saddle of your (and your horse's) dream! Well, if not, hang on for How to Send Your Saddle Online.

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