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Riding is a dirty outdoor sport, and it can often be difficult to get the breeches completely clean. Breeches for sale in New Zealand. Sell and buy Jodhpurs on Trade Me.

Esteemed for its convenience and even lower thigh without rip-tab.

Esteemed for its convenience and even lower thigh without rip-tab. FlexibilityTwo-way elastic fabrics provide a comfortable fit in the nut. Wear resistance Reinforced stitching and hard-wearing cotton-elastane material. GripMinimum handle thanks to the cloth patch. Maintenance for breeches: Horseback rides are a filthy outdoors activity, and it can often be hard to get the breeches totally cleaned.

If there is a spot, before you put your breeches in the laundry, immerse the spot in domestic soaps, which have been slightly thinned with a little tap liquid, and wipe it softly to work the spot into the soaps. Then, use your regular cleaning agent in the washing mashine. Spot remover is also very efficient for sludge or fat stains.

Washing at 40°C. A good sleek white fitting gets very soiled!


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With the largest collection of Jodhpur boots and a wide range of brands, we have just the Jodhpur boots you are looking for. Why should you choose Jodhpur riding boots ? The Jodhpur est une chaussure d'équitation classique qui est non seulement très belle, mais aussi extrêmement confortable à porter. Combined avec les chaps, ces bottes sont parfaites pour l'équitation.

And if you don't ride them, they're comfortable to walk around with. The selection of Jodhpur boots mainly includes leather boots, but we have also some simpler rubber models in our range. The Jodhpurs en caoutchouc sont peu coûteux et parfaits pour le transport dans la grange.

They are also waterproof and easy to maintain. Leather boots, d'autre part, sont très durables et ont l'avantage supplémentaire que le matériau est respirant.

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