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Riding helmet buy

All you need to make your helmet look good and your hairstyle ready is in Mary's' stock. Purchase riding helmet accessories, cases and hairnets for sell Mary's Tack and Feed is your resource for riding helmet supplies, cases and hair nets. All of your favourite labels such as Ariat, Charles Owen, Equine Couture and Kensington guarantee you will find exactly what you are looking for when you buy from us. You can keep your helmet tidy with Charles Owen Helmet Cleanser and keep your helmet fresh with Headline It Helmet Liner.

You will also like our range of Ovation helmet upholstery, Equivisor and Soless removable helmet shades and show arches in velvets, ribbons and strass stones. All you need to make your helmet look good and your hairstyle finished is in Mary's' inventory. If you buy helmet supplies, carrier bag, hairnet and showbows, you' ll find a wide range at Mary's Tack and Feed.

What riding helmet should I buy?

Find out how to choose the right helmet for riding horse. The decision to buy and use a helmet when riding is one of the best choices you can make. Which helmet is best for you can be bewildering to try the sort through the shelving in a shop.

These are some hints that will make this buying much simpler. Sad to all my buddies who can try to sale their easily used helms, but to be candid, it's best to buy new ones. If a helmet has been dropped, it may not always show any sign of injury.

Buying a new helmet from a serious tack store is the only way to make sure your new helmet has not gone through some kind of crash that could affect its health and capacity to defend your loggin! Be sure it's certificated. You will want to ask with your stable, riding team or show group, but if you have helmet specifications or policies, it is very likely that the helmet must be approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI).

American Society for Testing and Materials is setting the standard for testing riding hats and many other kinds of protective gear. It is an independant lab that checks the compliance of a helmet with ASTM-norms. SEI-Labels ( "SEI-Label", see picture below) are easy to find in every helmet.

To make sure you buy a helmet that was made last year, please verify the date of manufacture (also on the helmet label). In this way it is ensured that it is manufactured in accordance with the latest security stan-dards. Though there is nothing incorrect with the older versions, when purchasing a new helmet, buy one that corresponds to the latest one.

Replacing your helmet every six years or so is recommended, and of course, a grooming baby can have their helmet changed more often to provide an optimum fitting. Because you buy your helmet in a serious tack store (as we have described in Tip #1), the staff should be able to help you get the right-fitting.

Wrapping a large horse tail in the helmet can impair the helmet shape. Every make can be a little different, so it is important that you try on your helmet before you buy. This helmet should be wearable without pinch or stains. If the helmet or belt is too loosely fastened, it will not provide adequate shelter.

There is no longer the old adage "you get what you buy for" for them. On the other end of the scale, if you care about your own styles and brands, you can be spending more than $2,000. When it is certificated as described in tip number two, it is just as secure!

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