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10 top questions when buying a new or used saddle Willing to buy a saddle, but now sure what to look for? Only american calipers are recommended. You can find our chronicle of the saddle and why it is a poor concept here. Import calipers can skilfully camouflage vinyls, extruded papers and nickels as high grade. The Cordura and Leder are dependable, high-quality fabrics.

You want to choose between a Cordura, combined or saddle? They want your new saddle to suit you and your saddle. How big is your mare? We' ve got many useful saddle fitting items to help you find out. Have a look at the saddle you are interested in.

They don't want to buy a Cordura trailer saddle to rope. Each saddle is made for a certain use and some of them are made for a certain kind of horses. Ensure that your saddle is in the position you want to use it. Embarrassed about the different kinds of saddle? While all our saddle brands are high qualitiy, a Cordura saddle does not last as long as its counterparts made of genuine leathers.

You' re a little low on money, but still want a top-of-the-range saddle? Buy a used piece of Cordura. Do you want to use your saddle and take it to your tomb a decade later? You' re gonna need leathers. Because we want to make comparing costs simple, we provide free delivery for all our seats to all 50 countries and do not charge any processing charges.

You' ve got your saddle, but it doesn't match your own saddle. It is not recommended to buy a new or used saddle without the right of restitution. We have reusable new and used calipers. When you come across a saddle store that does not accept goods back, be careful. High-value seats are usually not given back very often, so there is no need not to take them back when the store sells good seats.

Saddle is a big buy - too big for a poor firm. Pay particular attention to businesses that have little or no support or staff who cannot respond to your queries in time. Some" saddle shops" on the Internet are pure drop-shippers who have never dealt with the products, sometimes even never stroked a pony before.

There is a good explanation why we call our staff saddle specialists. Most saddle makers have customisable saddle choices. To see what's available, call our saddle specialists. Anyone who sells the used saddle should be able to tell you how much the saddle has been used. With the right maintenance calipers can last for years, but not for years.

When the non-woven is soiled, hand over the saddle. Tidy non-woven is a good indication of a well cared for or little used saddle.

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