Buying a Horse what to look for

Buy a horse what to look out for

A lot of people make the mistake of buying a horse that is too much for them. Purchasing a horse is a big decision that involves a certain risk. Give the horse a try, try again, ask many questions. You go home and think about it for a few days. You should only consider buying a horse if the leasing of a horse does not offer you sufficient "horse time".

Purchase of a horse: Inspection of potential mounts

You have found a horse that proves to be a good horse, now is the right moment to try it. Attempt to take your coach or someone you can rely on and a videocamera with you (film everything from the crew to the owners and to yourself).

An appraisal as to whether the horse is suited for you can spare you an expense. If you cannot organize an escort, it can be useful to go home and show them the horse's film. On arriving at the farm, look around the stables to see if there are indications of stables sticks, e.g. a masticated front or a woven grille.

It' also pays off to take a look at his legs to see how he is steamed up and whether he has good, sturdy heels. For the most part, the horse will look beautiful awaiting your return, but try to do everything as you would normally do; take out his legs and attach him.

Check for indications that it has been treated before your arrive, such as soiling. Ensure someone else is riding the horse first - usually a short 5-minute show, such as a stroll, jog, canter and a few leaps, is enough before you get started. Keep in mind to watch videos - it will allow you to look back a little more objective when you come home.

Plus, trying a few nearby ponies will help you remember each one better. There is every chance that you will end up buying a horse that is not what you have been dreaming of - but in the end it doesn't really make any difference. Please be advised that the owners should also ask you many frequently asked as well.

When the salesman is real, he will want to make sure that you are the ideal new owners for his horse, so use a uninterested salesman as a caution. Look at it at different hours of the night to get a better idea of its behavior.

Charge it onto a truck or trailers, whatever you have. Horse that is hard to handle can be very boring.

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