Camo Horse Tack

The Camo Horse Tack

BRIDLE HOLDER with Snap on headband with Beta Biothane CAMOUFLAGE. Souvenir Grace Custom Tack is a local family business. Picture can include: one or more people, shoes, horse, shorts and outdoor. SSTT Premier horse blanket Green Camo. EXCLUSIVELY CLASSIC HORSE TACK DELUXE PLUS CANTLE BAG WITH PADDED POCKET HOTLEAF CAMO.


There are many facilities such as catering, horse shows, riding ring rental, tuition and a local tack shop. We take first-class horse management and our whole stable line is very welcome. We are now open on site. Many high-value branded articles are available. We' re the only shop in the region that offers Back On Track music.

Also we have Professionals Choice, Weaver and ERS horse tack. Our seats are well known brands like Billy Cook, Simco and Tex Tan. Justin and Tony Lama Boots as well as Cinch and Cruel Girl Clothing are available.

Buying Tourist

Do you have boyfriends and families in the USA? You will be pleased to see how easy it is to shop in the USA. Just use an internacional debit cardholder. Do you order something on-line, but do you need help collecting it? Have your order sent or dispatched to any destination in the United States - even to a hotel.

Grab a little help from your boyfriends and your loved ones to get what you want - just have your order sent directly to them. Make use of this great comfort and get everything you want, wherever you want. If you live there or are just there for a visit, you can either have your order picked up or have it sent to you.

It is possible to place your order in a shop or even make payment with an internationally accepted payment method.

The Troxel brings fun & fashionable camouflage into the line

The ASTM/SEI approved ridinghelmets are the leading manufacturer in the world. Troxel LLC is proud to introduce a range of new colours of chamouflage for its very much loved legacy hat. New Legacy Camo styles will be available in pink, grey, blue and green. These are the first legacy hats with a soft-touch surface from Duratec?

"Legacy Pink Antiquus, launched last year, was a big hit, so we wanted to bring more colourful designs to 2008," says Dustin Touchton, Marketing Manager at Troxel. "Camo has sold well and the new colours have been very well accepted at this year's fairs."

The Legacy Camo will be available in Small/Youth, Medium & Large size and will be equipped with the latest customization techniques, which include Troxel's GPS Dialogfit technology and Flip-Fold system. Legacy, a multi-year bestseller, is regarded as one of the best hats in the business for a fast and precise helmet design. The Legacy Camo is available in June from selected dealers at an EIA of $54.95 and is the latest add-on to the Troxel helmet line, which works as well in both the UK and the West such as Legacy ($49.95), Spirit ($44.95) and Sport ($29.95).

For more information, please see Troxel's website at At Troxel we are the world's leader in ASTM / SEI approved horse racing headgear for show, school and leisure use. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Troxel now devotes all its resource to horse racing hats and related equipment and has provided over three million hats to the horse arena.

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