Canvas Horse Blanket

Horse blanket canvas

The Jeffers Basic Canvas soft blanket is water-repellent and has a durable shell and a warm felt lining. A special leg strap design prevents the blanket from "twisting" and hanging from the horse's side. Jeffer's canvas horse blanket "Grosse Blanket for the Florida Coldsnaps." "Horseriding Canvas" Great value for a great little blanket. It can get chilly in the Blue Ridge Mtns.

I' ve got an older horse and now a expecting mam. They' re grazing and rolling around, of course.

A blanket is over a year old and even with the misuse it is as good as new. "At first I didn't like the food, it itched and was just stapled in so it could move and agglomerate.

When it rains or snows, I only use rugs in winters, I put them on my horse and the rains watered the rugs and went right to the horse. This makes it even harder than no blanket, because the fur could not be dried under the damp blanket. "I like the outside shell of this blanket, but there is not enough fabric in the front of the blanket to protect the breast (it is as far as it would go), the blanket is hanging on one side, no matter what I do, the woollen liner is beautiful, but it draws from front to back.

I' d rather the legs were stretchable than being made of plastic, so they give way when my horse is moving. I' d give the blanket back, but that's all I have, and the wheather is freezing so my filly won't wear a blanket. "Like this blanket really. Beautiful for different times of the year, when a bedcloth is too lightweight, but a medium-heavy blanket is too weighty.

Ceiling extremely difficult and difficult to work with. "I bought this blanket as a second blanket and wanted the additional heat when he needed it. The bands are made of smooth materials and after use the perforations are stretched and torn.

There is not enough cloth and no hook and loop fastener in the front so that it opens and the belts rub it. "The bust is not long enough to fasten the front of the blanket. This canvas is very difficult when it' s damp, and this ceiling needs a lot of drying out.

It' good for a spare blanket, but not my first bet. "Awesome' I got this blanket for my horse, which is a'feisty' four year old/known ceiling-breaker. He' virtually wiped out four ceilings in a row. Over. That blanket withstands all his swindles perfectly and will definitely be a re-purchase for my other cats.

"Heavier and warmer - but shrunk during washing." Nice blanket, hot and heavier. Last winters my horse fitted well, but this year it was too small for my older horse. "If this doesn't suit your horse and it rubs, you've either purchased the right horse or your horse is thin.

This tall horse with a very tall collar, plate shoulder and everything goes very well with this blanket, as does my QH horse QH Thoroughbred Horse. Also I like the felt linings in contrast to the common polyfills on most mats. This is definitely a good buy, it is dimensionally accurate. "Grated Horse Raw" Keeps the horse clean and hot, but be careful with the fitting.

I wiped the brisket of every horse in our stables and made a quarter-heavy wound on my horse's stub. After all, it' s time to buy a better blanket and start saving the amount of your pocketbook. "These are not like the old linen covers; they do not smells!

These linen covers are used for the most cold weather conditions in the storm.

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