Canvas Horse Rugs for Sale

Horse blankets canvas for sale

Mustad Saddleworld canvas horse blankets and stable blankets all year round The canvas horse eipstop carpet is the horse owner's best option and offers powerful, durable, natural, comfortable and economical materials that have many benefits over advanced synthetics. The canvas horse blankets keep your horse dehydrated under most ordinary circumstances, but this material has its limits. When you are not sure how big your horse is, take a measurement and keep one end to the center of the horse's breast, then run around the shoulders and trunk in a line down where the carpet will end.

Lightweight AniMac Turnout Carpet Set

AniMac Lightweight Turnout Rugs are perfect for business travellers or those who are often not able to or do not want to switch carpets every day. If you are not around, you can be sure that your horse will not get overheated, wet or destroyed. Available in different dimensions and with a suitable blanket.

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Rugs for sale - Kez carpets and saddlery

Owner of Kez Rugs and Saddlery, Kerry Douglas, has been in the equitation business for over 30 years and has been producing high value horse blankets for sale for over 25 years. The Kez Rugs & Saddlery has developed from a "one women band" to a very beloved Aussie singer.

Situated on the Gold Coast, Kerry moved to Tamborine Village just over 10 years ago. An enthusiastic jumper, Kerry enjoys horseback rides and following the horsebusiness. Today Kerry is well known in the areas ofcenic rim and gold coast and provides horse blankets, mosquito curtains, toddler pouches, haybags and PVC holders and fences for all horse building events, incl. ponies teams, adults groups, the purebred motor sport sector, polo-clubs, dressage, events, showing and much more.

Situated on the intersection of Beaudesert-Beenleigh Road and Mundoolun Connection Road, Tamborine and "Henry", Kez Rugs and Saddlery is a well-known name. When you need a carpet or accessory, you won't find anything better here in Australia. A fervent supporter of Australia's product, Kerry is proud that its product makes a clean break on low-cost import.

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