Carriage Driving Harness for Sale

Driving Harness for sale

I bought used ones for my pony in March, but unfortunately he didn't come to drive. When you are looking for horse-drawn carriage equipment such as harnesses, bridles and bits, then we have the right thing for you. Purchase Driving Accessories | eBay Trapping/Car for 2:00 pony. Sales prices. We have a car here for 2:00 pony.

I took the waves off the photos when I took them off to carry the car and dropped the bolts, even though the clips were there. In the past this was drawn by a pony at 14h. And I was going to find it and get my young 13-year-olds busted.

A good, inexpensive car that doesn't need a lot of cash to make it look good. Harness leather bangs, a few years ago purchased to match 14hhh bangs. But we didn't burgle her to drive. Monochromatic and whitish with whitish renal caregivers.

A pony show carriage was used on a 12-headed colt and whale mares of section C. 25 " Made of rustproof steal, this clasp is very suitable for use in harnesses where it is used to latch a slide strap when no free motion is needed.

Gouvernante horse-drawn carriage axis without bikes, slightly rusted, but still very powerful and stable.

Upholstery harness Zilco classical with slide tape and empathy neck.

Upholstery harness Zilco classical with slide tape and empathy neck. The harness is like new, used only a few time. Bought by Alberta Carriage about a year ago. 96-inch waves, 30-inch wood wheel, Jerald Model A Roadmaster car, complete kit with pinstripe, bras, lacquer boots and dashboard.

This is a medium sized slide-row track coach in good shape. Horses in the picture are just under 15 HH. Three hundred and fifty dollars for the car. Car, pads and chest strap for $400. It came in bits and bobs in a carton, so it could probably be packed, but better sold the way it is. Horsedrawn carts for sale.

Douglas, 2-wheel car engineered and constructed by Pacific Carriage. There are 2 harnesses, dressage and marathon. As good as new, with golden pinstripes. Includes top of the line Comfy-fit Harness, consisting of 2 kits of tracks 72" and 84", two kits of track holders, one kit with longer holders and two kits of bridles, 1 kit plain and 1 set'nubby'.

Sold seperately - shopping cart $4,000 and Harness $1,000 or both for $4,750. Combination harness. Handcrafted horsesize leathers, made by the famous harness manufacturer "Terry Francis" from Athabaska, Alberta. These harnesses are in perfect state and made of high grade leathers. Just one sentence in the photograph, but there are two sentences with bridle and linen.

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