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You can choose from complete fine leather harnesses, Biothane harnesses, trolleys or spare lines and parts in various price categories. Mini-exhibition harnesses are ideal for recreational sports or can be used in show rings, as carriage harnesses or in ADS competitions! Coming and Get are verbal clues that can help a moving horse to turn.

Horse-drawn carriage fans measure themselves at Brean Beach

Driving, when it is used on an equine, pony, mule or donkey, is a common expression for attaching a carriage, carriage, carriage, sled or other horse-drawn craft using a belt and working on it. There is a full spectrum of activity, from driving fun and trotting to agricultural work, equestrian shows and even international combination driving competitions approved by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI).

It is often used in the parachute to describe a ridden equine being used. The following general tournament classes are seen in the equestrian tournament: Combination driving This is an international recognised FIE event in which equestrians participate in one-, two- and four-horse groups with suitably shaped, lightweight floats or wagons. Demonstration of the draught horse:

The majority of draught tests are carried out in the parachute. Driving forces are competing in both individual and multi-unit systems, assessed by manner and achievement. Coach rides: With slightly bigger two or four-wheeled coaches, often renovated antiquities, drawn by a solo stallion, double or four-in-hand car. Amusement contests are assessed according to the voter participation or the fitness of rider and carriage.

Driving pleasure: In some countries it is also known as a carriage ride: As a rule, dressage and pony are hung on a lightweight, two-wheeled carriage (four-wheeled, delicate carriages can also be seen, especially at the highest level of competition) and shown at walking pace and at two trotting speed, with the focus on riding manner. Almost every type of race of horse is trainable for driving fun.

Delicate crockery: This is also known as driving formally. They are hung on a lightweight four-wheeled carriage and shown in a way that emphasises striking actions and drama. Ingenious Ponyrassen and certain easy Saddlepferderassen, which are known for their effect, are to be seen most frequently in delicate harnesses. The majority of the finer competitions require a small step and two kinds of highly active "park trot", a slower trot with a more controllable but graceful movement and a quicker, more striking jog, where the rider shows the greatest possible entertainment, which is often indicated by the order "show your horses" (or "show your ponies" in the case of ponypshows).

This is a show jumping contest, mostly for the pony (some lightweight races also provide roadsters courses), where the exhibiting horses are wearing silk and riding in a sulky similar to trotting without really running, but concentrating on manner and power. Numerous horse-drawn sleighs met this weekend for a local contest at Brean Beach.

Equestrian fans from all over the southwest streamed to the contest on the sand. Organized by the Somerset Area Driving Society, the show drew drivers from Somerset, Devon and Dorset. "Break is a beautiful place, perfect for carriage rides. It was a great time, had a competitive component and was well supported," she said.

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