Carriage Harness

coach harness

Dressage presentation Custom Carriage Harness - Euro-Utility - The classic Runabout - Calendar. To place your order with the harness manufacturer, we require a half deposit and the completed measurement chart (available from us). and a wide selection of dishes and parts. a master of harness, saddlery and luxurious horse bags and belts. High-quality, robust carriage harness made of natural leather for single and pair horses and ponies;

pleasure and marathon riding.

One harness, tailored to your needs

We design and develop our rigs in cooperation with professionals from Germany and abroad. This enables us to ensure that our vehicles are not only of the highest possible standard, but also that they are tailored to the needs of the rider. That makes us the world's premier vehicle manufacturer for all your travel needs.

Each coachman, each steed and each riding technique is different. Our comprehensive range includes tableware for different horses, different sports and made of different material. You can choose your favorite harness color for all these different types: Do you want more versatility with your harness?

These are suitable for all riding styles and can be adapted to different horses. In this way you can optimise your riding pleasure.

From 1980

We' ve grubbed our country with our own animals and still make our own grass with our own animals and agricultural equipment. He has been coaching and judging Hitches for over 40 years. At the moment we have several Meadowbrook carts on commission, as well as harness for individuals and couples/teams in equestrian and piston-sized.

coach harness

High-grade, robust carriage harness made of genuine cowhide for individual and couple pony riding; fun and marathons. These carriage harnesses are available in the colours genuine skin (HA1), pear (HA2) or grey (HA3) (lock as option). Have a look at some parts of the harness. Below are some samples of our high-quality carriage belts (available with buckles):

Look at some parts of the harness. the best measures result when you have a well fitted harness to gauge and match with the hunter. apply a quick weightsheet. Offer ALL MEASURES IN CM OR INCHES. of the oral cavity and from the angle of the oral cavity to the ears on one side. According to your order, we use this size as individual or couple size.

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