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Coaches, & dishes, buggies, concerts, lamps, horse collars, horse parts for sale. Unfortunate sale of a quality pony cart.

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EQUINE Manuel Transports is a family-owned company offering high value transportation of horses from Brisbane - Sydney - Melbourne. We offer you a secure and dependable journey and accommodation in our equestrian transportation..... Our Equine Therapy Program provides a vital experiential learning environment that encourages students to overcome their mental and emotional barrier by interacting with horses.

Equestrian education for equestrians of all age groups and equestrian events throughout Australia. Exercise program: After checking the crash and event sceneries, some common sceneries, the horsemen.... horseploats ammornington are proud to be the authorized importers and distributors of humbau and thiel from germany am from the united states horsefoot inornington, which employ many man working long periods (18 months) of research and people.....

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We welcome you to our website Carriages & Trapeze. It is the website for horse/pony riders and newcomers, which lists used carts, harnesses, equipment and parts needed to experience this burgeoning world. Articles on these pages are located in Australia, but we help purchasers to find cost information and how to send articles to another location.

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There is a rare chance to continue with our Ride or Drive easily going Female Gypsy Cob Type. The Lola has a very good affirmation, a strong genetic and great legs. Ever since she was born, Lola was milled and educated in a large drivers' camp with riding skills. She' s simple to use, curious and kind.

Just like her dad, Lola was educated to be secure, fortunate and self-confident at work - that is, to be riddled or expelled with a diver under all possible circumstances. She' s currently at work, drives and drives beautifully. She' s been treating her legs since she was born and is now freshly shoed because she is at work.

She' ll fill out a sound physique like her father. She' s got strong genetics and is a simple guardian. Lola is young, but she has a sound education, but she needs more kilometers under the seat or in the seatbelt. She would be great as such in the seasoned home, where she could realize her full potentials to go to horse shows or rides.

She' s still in the works. Of course, if she is experiencing and practicing, the cost increases accordingly. Letters of interest will be sent by real drivers or drivers with experience.

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