Cart Horses for Sale

cart-horses for sale

Equestrian wagons for actual use or for exhibition. Harness Deals have many high quality Harness horses for sale in Australia. Shetland mare with cart and harness, black and white, bombproof for children. Products in this category are pleasure trolleys for sale. José was started in the car, but still has to be finished.

Horse-drawn, riding

1900s horse-drawn sleigh for sale. Pre-owned cars. a set of 2 axles and 2 set of gears An inner tube must be exchanged. Scratched but otherwise in good condition. These are for a normal sized steed and are for sale if you have no crockery.

Nobility Concert for sale. The new 72 inches waves. With 42 and 48 in. steels with elastic castors, brassband reins and lash holders as well as cartlights. There is a beautiful old horse-drawn cart here....would look good in any courtyard as front for ad-vertising. This is a rather sturdy car, the floor looks good....a bike on the right side.....

Horse-drawn carriages & carriages

3-seats, gummed spoke wheel, incl. individual or crew coupling, 1 very stable vinylic belt. 77 " waves, 40 " tires. 61 " Tail width, 48 " castors, hydraulics brakes, T-stand, customized cover. The shaft is approx. 84 inches from the top to the circular strut on the boom.

/2005 Bennington BX-4 cross-country car. This is a good beginner car for all stages, or for training, a replacement car, or just for the race. Horsedrawn trucks for sale! With lighting, breaks and waves! Carolina Carriage Superstore in Greer, SC. Coming with light, breaks, shafts and tyres are tube-free, rigid tyres - don't worry about a puncture!

Horses for sale

Whereas horses carried people long before they started to draw, there have been good riding horses for sale for thousands of years, and you will find the best of them in our classifieds. By Pleasure Horses to Fine Harness; Draft Horses to Roadsters; Draft Horses to Caribbean Horses and everything in between, our classifieds really offer the best Horses for Sale in America!

Ages: Handmade, custom-made wooden frames for stables for horses and events.

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