Cashel Horse Tack

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Buy SmartPak for Cashel horse products, including the popular customizable fly masks. Sizes available: Pony, Arabian, Horse, Warmblood and Design! Crusader Cashel Premium Fly Mask Long nose without ears CFML. The Cashel horse products have been developed to make your ride and your soft life more comfortable. Divided design moves with the horse's back and reduces friction.


If you put the food additives for your horse on AutoShip, you can take very good care of your horse, so we take good Care of you with SmartPerks! If you order your horse's complements on AutoShip, you are automatically* entitled to our free SmartPerks perks, including: At least one single AutoShip surcharge or SmartPaks for horses must exceed $40.

Since you have the nutritional supplement for your horse on AutoShip, you get free basic shipment all the way through the days, every single night for just about everything we at SmartPak are selling, thanks to your SmartPerks. You can ship the few add-on articles we have free of charge by synchronizing them with your AutoShip order, sending them on a Barn Saver Shipping day, or by having a group of add-on articles with a value over $75.

Selling Cashel Westerns Horse Tack

Cowboy Youth Rancher Leather Western Saddle - 5" Oesophagus - 13" Cashel Felt Car Touring Felt Saddle Pad CSPF Grey 31" x 33" x 3/4" NEW CASHEL DROVER ALL AROUND WESTERN SADDLE, 15", 16", AND 17" Only 1 more! Western Saddle Cashel EZ Knee Horse Show Riding Western Saddle Stirrup Turner Rotator 3" Cashel EZ Knee Horse Show Riding Western Saddle Stirrup Turner Rotator 2.5" Do you have one for sale?

Cash ankle Safe mobile handset clip Horse seat Sattel Slope Horntaschen (SMALL)

Personally, I adore the idea of knuckle protection, but this one from Cashel doesn't work for me. My biggest bag is still too small for my mobile and I don't even have one of the new BIG telephones. If I exert myself enough, I can let it go in there, but it is very difficult to take it out of my bag and take it out again.

The first one that was sent to me was "defective". Because you can't really say how to put the tension on the pictures, I was very puzzled and had to call the firm and confess that I wasn't intelligent enough to find out how to put it on.

When we found out that the issue was with the item and not with me, they sent me a new one as soon as possible.

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