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Our products include feed and food supplements for cows and calves, inputs and ingredients for feed manufacturers and trendy retail feed for feed retailers. You can find Cattle Feed (??? ?

???) Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India. QLQ feeds produce liquid feed additives for animals such as molasses, cattle feed, liquid feed for cattle and so on.

Optimal nutrition for herds of cows and calves

Livestock farmers face insecurity every single working-day. Our products include feed and food additives for cows and calves, input and ingredients for feed manufacturers and trendy retailer feed for feed retailers. We are passionate about our products, high value food and the customer's business performance. Regardless of the race, the land or the objectives of the surgery, you can rely on our advisors to help you provide your cattle with a good diet.

Our managment and formulating tool and system can help you improve your efficiency and obtain the right nutritional supplements, premixtures and supplements for your cattle' health and productivity. Featuring powerful, respected brand names to reach your clients, a wide range of promotion and promotion programmes, nutritional research backed by 75 years of nutritional research, and seasoned marketing advisors to act as your partners in your company's growth.

Find out more about our powerful retailer add-ons and feeds:

Beef feeds in Purina

Discover how the PORINA® All Seasons cattle feeding program offers you versatile and comfortable ways to live your cattle. What can we do to help your cattle reach size at every age? Size you can see? Pure cattle feed is sufficiently versatile to meet the needs of your flock and your country.

Match the right food, mineral and egg whites to create great results. Millennia of growers have turned to Purina for excellent yield and productivity. Introduction of the Purina experts behind the latest cattle research.

Beef feed - ??? ???? Gaay Bhainson Ka Chaara - Manufacturer & Suppliers

De Oiled Cake is an outstanding company from an outstanding selection of soya de oiled cake. We deliver scrap paddy from ricemills. There is a great need for this with all feed manufacturers. more..... We are one of the most trustworthy companies that offer a broad variety of bovine silage from Bajra.

Customers can purchase these items in various packaging variants at favourable rates. more..... more..... more..... more.... more.... more...

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