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from the Dryhead Ranch. Riders working, welcome here! It has collected and treated many cattle and has even been used on some hunting trips. He's a tough horse who won't let you down, no matter what heart he has. That's your husband, if you want to go from the pen to the cattle ranch.

Although this farm is a relatively novice and opened its gates in 1999, it has developed into one of the premier farms for high-performance cows in the state of California.

Although this farm is a relatively novice and opened its gates in 1999, it has developed into one of the premier farms for high-performance cows in the state of California. We are passionate about growing, rearing and showing quarter horses. We are committed to breed top horses that are of the highest standard in their field.

We raise reared pure dressage, cropping and pureing horses and all surrounding working horses at our California and Texas facility. There is always a good choice of top horses for sale. Have a look at our sales barn and get in touch with us to enquire about horses for sale.

Purebred & Cow Horses for sale

Steve Wolfe has proven our range of products again and again..... Our passions, motivation, understanding as well as our respects for today's horses. Our full dedication is to find the right equine for you. and we have the right stallion for every horseman.

To find your stallion today, call 602-677-8875! THERE ARE MANY NEW HORSES THAT ARE NOT SHOWN! Annie's Magnum Dream is a 2014 year old gelding by Magnum Chic Dream (NRHA 3 Million Dollar Sire) and out of a Peppy San Badger grandchild, Skeets Little Annie. He will do everything and become a great non and terbyhorses!

He is funny, gifted and chic, but soft and simple to understand. He is already an NRHA moneymaker and is willing to show more! He' s sincere and gives everything on every trip. They don't want to miss this cute and unusual horse. For more information and prices call 602-677-8875.

Nevermind Baby is a 2013 brown filly by Spook' s Gotta Whiz and is out of Fortget the Other. The all-inclusive offer! She' s doing all the manoeuvres and is a very chic filly. Simple to drive and very smooth, would be a benefit to any programme. For more information and prices call 602-677-8875.

The Xtra Swear For Chic ist eine 2015 Sorrel Maré von Wimpys Little Step, NRHA Hall of Fame, 10 Million Dollar Sire, & 2002 NRHA Open Futurity Champion. Made over $102,000 and produced over $150,664 at NRHA, NCHA and NRCHAingevents. This Duallyisastar is a 2014 AQHA Palmino filly by Mister Nicadual (by Mister Dual Pep) and out of a Hollywood Dun It mam.

She is AWESOME! Fun, sporty, broke, but still soft for everyone to horse. For more information call 602-677-8875. The BZ Hollywood Tank is a 2009 gelding by MIP Romeos Hollywood and Fillys Brightyes. "The" Chunk" is big and strong (approx. 15h), but very soft and silent to work with.

He' s got a good grip. He' s light and rideable. He' d make a great ranch-horse of fun! For more information call me at 602-677-8875. born in 2012 by Whizkey N Diamonds (by Topsail Whiz) and a Shining Spark-Grandchild. He has a temporary exhibition and is fully prepared!

He' soft, willing and easily understood. For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Cromed Revolution is a 2011 AQHA gelding from Einstein's Revolution (NRHA Million Dollar Sire) and Crome Shiner (by Custom Crome). He is a great Gelding, who would make a great non- or beginner-rider.

An NRHA breadwinner with a good investment that he easily copes with. He is very calm and smooth to be ridden. For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Beautiful filly that ends great and makes you a great showjumper. For more information call 602-677-8875. Chuka Chic, earning over $25,400, 24 AQHA points.

The NRHA cash maker of over $148,000, among them an NRHA Open Futurity finalist and maker of Smart Chuka (over $83,500), NRHA Non-Pro Futurity Champion. Solds** Cutters One Time is a 2015 filly by 13 million dollars sire, One Time Pepto, and out of Cutters Edge Cat ($14,000 win) by High Brow Cat.

Please call me for prices and more information at 602-677-8875. Solds** Prinints On A Gun is a 2014 Bay AQHA/APHA mare by NRHA Hall of Fame, $10 Million Sire, Gunner. She is a subsidiary of Hollywood Dun It with over $5,700 NRHA revenue and nearly $28,000 progeny revenue (NRHA).

Soldsa Juneberry is a 2012 AQHA filly by Mr Juneberry Twist and from Cougaranda Chex. It has been easily shown, about $3,800 in NRHA revenue. Unbelievably soft, calm, filly! Might be a beautiful beginner or an unusual ranching experience! It is very simple to use, leads well and is also cute!

For more information call 602-677-8875. Soldier** Kelectricnic is a 2010 stallion by Jacs Electric Spark and out of a boomeric filly. He has been shown at Pureing and has worked at the Ranch, would make a great all-round rein rider. Sure, bankrupt, easy on horseback, can do anything you ask!

He is a smooth, very willing and altogether a funny steed. That'?s your husband, if you want to go from the pens to the cattle ranching. He is a great stallion that anyone can have! Please call me for prices and more information at 602-677-8875. Soldier** is a 2008 bay by Crome and made of Sexy Chexy Nic (Reminic).

Perfort-nonpro or shortly stapeshorses! Showed by non and teenagers and has over $5,000 in NRHA receipts. Very silent gelding, which can be shown easily! For more information call 602-677-8875. SALED** 2014 ADQHA saled** 2014 adqha colt from Hollywoodstinseltown (by Hollywood Dun It) and from Ruf N Groovy (by Lil Ruf Peppy).

Light and rideable, bankrupt, and would make any non-rider a great mate. She has a lovely character and is very comfortable to be ridden. For more information call 602-677-8875. Solide** 2009 QHA Palmino Wimpy`s Little Steps and Sassy Shiner (by Sinning Spark). She is the "real" one.

Has her open & non-professional performer role in Rome and is a NRCHA and NRHA moneymaker! That filly does everything. Extremely secure and funny to drive! For more information call 602-677-8875. Solide** Elektric Scooter is a 2014 electric code and Chex My Chinch Gelding.

He' s your next derby pony! A very broken and beautiful stallion that is able to compete for every non-rider. Please call me for prices and more information at 602-677-8875. SOLD** 2014 APHA thoroughbred by Big Papi and out of a Red Duke sire. She' s not Marcus, very cute and soft.

She' s got the look and will be a great non-horse! For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Soldier** 2013 AQHA gelding by Wimpys Little Step and out of an own Sailing Smart sire. Beautiful walrus in blacks! For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Soldo** Ref Harley Moondance is a 5 year old AQHA gelding by Custom Harley (by Custom Crome, 4 Million Dollar Sire) and out of Wrangler's Rein Dance.

Comes from NRHA as a moneymaker. Extremely silent non-horse, easily changing the lines, stopping and turning! It' simple to use, fast responding and beautiful to look at. "Marco " is very smooth, light and makes competitively priced heats. Don't miss this great foal! For more information call me at 602-677-8875.

SALED** 2012 OQHA saled** 2012 oqha by one of Shining Spark's sons and a dam by Gallo Del Cielo. It can stop, turn, replace the cables and is smooth and smooth to drive. He' d make a great saddleback. For more information call me at 602-677-8875.

Solide** 2008 AQHA Gelding by Conquistador Whiz (by Topsail Whiz) and out of a subsidiary of ARC Sparkle Surprise. He is the REAL dealer and does everything! This is a very nice and gifted youngster. He' gained about $70,000 in NRHA revenue. Safely and simply to drive. For prices and further information call 602-677-8875.

Solide** Top Son Of A Gun is a 9 year old AQHA Gelding by No Guns Please and out of Sassy Cash N Chex. I can' say enough good things about this animal! Successful shown by a non-NGO, has over 18k in NRHA revenue and has AQHA points. He' d make an outstanding young man or non-horse and a great fighter, too.

Unbelievably smooth and silent to drive. Large stop, simple mine change, great turns. For more information call me at 602-677-8875. SALED** 4 year old black Gelding by Gunnatrashya (out of 9 Million Dollars Sire Gunner) and out of an own dam by Wimpys Little Step. Wimpys Little Ste. When you are looking for your next non-derby stallion, this is your colt!

He' s not only gifted, but he' s really smooth. For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Solds** 2011 Master Snapper and an own subsidiary of Hollywood Dun It. Beautiful and enchanting filly! She' s broken, smooth and tender. A fun filly that gets along well with any non-rider.

For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Solide** Bella is a 3-year-old AQHA filly by Big Papi and from Steadys Sugar Bars. It' a great view and has all the clean maneuver - great gymnasts, strokes, changes guides, and simply loops around. Soft and cute, everyone's in luck to have her.

Extremely smooth on the face, good to handle, easily tolerated and rideable. Gently and gently, everyone would be fortunate to have her. For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Solide** " Rooice " is a 7 year old AQHA Gelding by Shady Lil Starlight and out of MS Melody Montana.

He has been deployed at the farm and is your "go to" for every work. Extremely soft and silent! For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Soldier Starlite Dunit is an 8 year old AQHA gelding by Shinig Starlite and comes from an own Hollywood Dun It dam, Miss HD Rosalie.

It' extremely silent and soft with a big turn and a big, soft stop. He would be an outstanding beginner, youngster or non-rider. For more information call me at 602-677-8875. SELL OUT** This stallion has the right movements, the right look and the right years! The stallion is a 2012 by Boom Shernic (LTE $278,303) and from Tinseltown.

"The" Jameson" is about as lovely as they come, kind of sugary and simple to use. NoHA breadwinners. For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Solds** Pepto Soreback is a 2010 AQHA Gelding by a own Peptoboonsmal offspring, Surely A Pepto and a Cash Flo Cat filly, JJ Lena Soreback.

That is your next all-round westerner pony! Leggy, convenient and simple to drive. Pointer and fire at a guy, take him in every heading. For more information call me at 602-677-8875. Solide** 2012 QHA filly by Walla Walla Whiz (NRHA Million Dollar Sire) and out of MS Clara Melody.

She had a small exhibition, she made a few little futures and was quite good. I' m selling now, Hot Rockin Spook! Earning just under $40,000, he has won massive trophies like 2014level 4 non per NRBC terby, 2014event 4 Cactus Pureing Classic terby, placed in the top 10 NRBC levels 4 and upwards!

It is a 2009 Smart Spook from Hot Rockin Badger. The very gifted horse has a great PHENOMINAL WHOA, PLUS TURNS, IS LOW HEADED, AND CHANGES LIKE LADS A MACHINE. 2. SALED** Nic Tuck, 2006 AQHA gelding by Bueno Chexinic out of Little Roan Chic. It makes the reins look light.

He has been shown by some of the best coaches in the United States in the past with over $13,000 in NRHA revenue. SALED** 2003 Cee Blair Sailor and Miss T Juana Tejon with a QHA gelding. As a non-professional or youngster looking for a stable that will show you the way, Harry is THE REAL OFFER!

The only reason his landlady sells it is because it is out of the woods like pot and rockie and now in the future /derby horses. He' s got over $4k NRHA cash, qualifying for the AQHA Ameature & Select universe, along with quarterly horses points in pureing, holsters and even rop! Indeed, he took third place for the Youth AQHA Worl.

That' the guy on whom you can do EVERYTHING and who looks good when you do it! Solide** 2010 QHA filly by Hesatuffcommander (by Tuff n Busy) and out of Holidoc Maggy Jose. She not only looks good, she can do everything! sire from Wimpy's Little Step (NRHA $8 Million Dollar Sire) and from Little Ruf Remi (from Little Ruf Peppy NRHA $3 Million Dollar Sire).

That sweet filly is the right thing! Simple to rider and show, and extremely smooth. Somehow and gently, she is not a professional horseman de luxe! Be a great kid or a beginner pony. Solide** 2011 QHA filly by Conquistador Whiz (NRHA $3 Million Dollar Sire) and out of a KL Kit Kat Mer.

It' a cowboy nightmare! Solide** 2009 a Qha Smart Like Juice Gelding out of a Smart Chic Olena mam. Noble Eurasian marlin gelding, with sweet roans and large manes and tails. He is a fast spinner and is sure to be a plus in this manoeuvre. Solide** 2009 a Qha gelding by Starlights Starbrite (by Grays Starlight) and by PHC Peppy Lady.

He is KIND and GENTLE! You' re a great man, if you ride to the farm, that would be a great one! It' hard to be around, you'll fell in love with him. SALED** 2012 Jacs Electric Spark a QHA filly. That sweet little filly is prepared to step on her ass!

She' s very soft and very ready to please. She' s great and it' s great to go horseback riding and show off. It has a supple and convenient gear and is easily circled and changed. SALED** 2011 Chromed Out Mercedes and Whiz She Dunit (by Hollywood Dun It) damline.

That picture doesn't do this filly credit. NOKHA Revenue and more! Solide** 2012 QHA brown filly from Einstein's Revolution (NRHA Million Dollar Sire) and Misty Eyed Bra Pine. She is certainly an extraordinary purebred for all! And we think that this filly on the farm would really look great!

She is a 2012 broodmare by Spiooks Gotta Whiz (Triple Crown Winner/NRHA Futurity Champion) and out of a Custom Chrome mam. The Angel is a very friendly and soft mannequin. Soldier** 2011 AQHA gelding by Custom Crome and from Spaarks (by Schinning Spark).

Gently and willingly, this fellow wants to please. He' going to be a great showpiece for 2016! Solide** 2011 a Qha Walla Walla Whiz out of a Custom Crome mammare. Easily circulate and replace cables. SALES** 2010 GREAT sales** 2010 great reesolve and Dun It Doll (by Hollywood Dunit) a QHA gelding.

The calm and calm horses are waiting to become your favourite horses! Present him as a pure or eventing rider. SALES** 2009 by Boons Royal Legacy (by Peptoboonsmal) and pastel Lil Fantasy a QHA Gelding. Solds** 2012 a Qha sire by Topsail Whiz and out of Shiney O Lady (by shining spark).

Solide** 2010 QHA filly by Mister Nicadual (by Mister Dual Pep) and from Dun It on a Star (by Hollywood Dunit). Very cute, this filly is willing to become your next tournament mate! Sturdy and stable, broken and light to handle. SALES** 2009 NRHA sales** 2009 nrha suede ring gelding bred by Jens Otie Whiz (LTE $243,441) and MS HD Rosalie (by NRHA Hall of Fame Sire Hollywood Dunit).

The right one! Solide** 2009 a Qha brown filly by Ruf Conqueror (by Conquistador Whiz) and Angierilla Boom (by Boomernic). She is a beautiful filly and she is waiting to become your next beautiful stallion! She is a lovely lioper, simple leader fighter, fast gymnast and a great winner! This filly is a funny pure and has even worked a bitch.

When you are looking for a pure/boxing horse....YOU GIVE THE ONE! Solide** 2011 a Qha filly by Bra Gunners Enterpriz (by Gunner) and from Easys Finally Dun It ( by Easy Otie Whiz). That' a Dervby Horses Ace! SALES** 2010 JJS sales** 2010 jjs Twister and Dun It With a Twin stallion by Dun It With a Cl.

He' s quick-footed, sweet top, easily led, and has a big one. He' s extremely soft and friendly. He' making a great steed out of any non-professional! A sweet little brown gelding is the ideal non-professional stallion. "Every day Turtle" is the same one. It is also quick-footed and easily twisted.

It makes switching the lead simple. It is not a tragedy and is the kind every coach wants in his non-probashroom! He is a stable horse in a show cage and has over $3100 in NRHA-income. Solide** " Tucker itasy " is a 2007 AQHA Bay Pureing Stud by Just Otie Whiz (is a descendant of Topsail Whiz and has made over $243,441 in the NRHA contest.

By 2012 he was a NRHA father) and out of Tuckerette Command (the AQHA World Champion Sr Reining). He is a great stud, educated by Andrea Fappani! It has all the "bells and whistles"......BIG MOOTH STOPPERS, QUICKFOOT, and IS SIMPLE TO CIRCLE!

Watch this videoclip of him on "Cruise Control" for a simple 72 run! He is a friendly and soft stud who would make a non-professional or show a gunfighter outdoors. $2300 NRHA ArningS, 11 QHA Open Reining Points. Solds** 2011 QHA filly by Gangster Chic (2001 CRHA Derby Classic Champion, 2001 QHA World Show Top 10 Junior Reining, 2000 NRHA Futurity and Championship Show, & Open Futurity Finalist) and from Miss Lena San (by Peppy San Badger, an QHA Hall of Fame father, who was also #4 leading grooming progenitor of all times and father of over $23,789,180.00).

These fillies come out of the stable as if they were an old, broken one! He is very soft, friendly and willing! NoHA and No-BBC!!

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