Cavaletti Horses for Sale

Horses Cavaletti for sale

Our aim is to produce lovingly designed sport horses for various disciplines. divestment Our aim is to create lovingly designed sport horses for different sports events. Whilst our primary emphasis is on the hunting and jumping courses, we often have a few horses that are suitable for the event. If not otherwise stated, ALL our horses for sale are trained with clips, weights, bath, ties, cruciform ties, longe and outstanding traction.

We also know that horses that reach 100% of their sporting abilities must be kept at a level that makes them sane, powerful and serene. The horses are specially nourished, up-to-date on vaccinations, swimming, worm treatments, chiropractics, massage and other sport treatments.

If you buy from us, your mare is prepared to enter a tournament programme of your choosing. Those horses are up for work! Comes from a rental agreement and is willing to contest! Three-course, good bones and spring. The Trakehner is well breeded and prepared for an exquisite training centre.

Applicable for an ambitioned young horseman or self-confident adult amateur with little preparation for exhibitions. He is currently listed as Reserve Champion in the Baby Greens in Indiana. OTTB TCA Green Champion in the 2016 Full-Blood Incentive Program Year-End Performance Awards. He is experienced with the 2'6" jumper and is prepared for the ascent.

This is the ideal riding animal for the discerning horseman. OTTB TCA Emerging Reserve Champion in the Thoroughbred Incentive Program Year-End Performance Awards 2016. This is a very peculiar mare that will go far in his future careers! It' big but it'?s still green! At only 6 years of age he was prepared to start his professional life as a gifted psychopath.

He' still in need of a horseman who can take him between the helpers. He has paired our little girl with an OTTB filly who fits her needs but still encourages her to study and develop in her equestrian activities. Amanda was raised in New Hampshire as an energetic pony clubber with more than 20 years of equine work.

Amanda began in the eventing and training worlds before she found a foothold in the hunter/jumper worlds. During her entire studies she was a leader in the Ball State University Equestrian Team in the area. Now Erin likes to work with many of our horses. Two of her ventures received the Thoroughbred Incentive Program's Champion and Reserve Green OTTB year-end award in 2016.

Also shown are Jackie and Katie, some of our PhD candidates who are now working with our horses throughout the year. Because we are looking for horses with unforgiving nature and a varied future, we use our pupils as horsemen to work on these beautiful horses and often collect more show/off ownership mileage than most horses with these background.

You give the horses great riding, loving and flowering possibilities.

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