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The Cavallo boot - Find your perfect hoof shoe from the world famous authority. Cavallo - The World's Most Trinized Court Boots. You will find here convenient, all-terrain shelter for your horse's hooves. Trustworthy, 100% guarantee horse boots allow you and your horse to safely horseback rides through any type of country at any time. Simple to measure, simple to install, simple to operate and to maintain;

applicable for horse back rides, therapies, injury rehabilitation, transport and more - the easiest, safe and cheapest boots in the whole wide range.

Horsehoof Boots Cavallo Plain (normal fit)

The Cavallo shoes - Great Britain's most favourite boots. You can find detailled and easily understandable information about the shoe sizes and fits here. Cavallo' versatile boots are the simply boots: Equally wide and long round hoofed ponies. When your horse has an elliptical foot, you may want to use simply slimhof boots.

Below you will find video with instructions for the installation of Cavallo toes. The Horse and More is the UK's largest distributor of CavalloHoof Boots.

The Cavallo horse boots

Simple Cavallo, Sport, Trek and Entry Level (ELB) boots for the barefooter. Big Foot Boot size 8 and 10 and the Cute Little Boots for small legs! The boots are the obvious choice for metallic boots. Conceived as an all-terrain equestrian boot, but is also successfully used for traveling, getting out and post abcess or injured rehab.

Cuffs wrap helps with the shrinkage of new boots or the easy putting on of a looselock. The gel pad provides additional shock absorption in the boots. Shipping costs are £6 for standard shipping (2-3 business days) per order or free if your order is over £100. Cavallo Horse and More is the UK's largest distributor of hoof shoes.

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