Chain Bits for Sale

Kettenbits for sale

Have a look at the different bits we offer with a chain mouthpiece. West side pieces of trusted brands like Classic Equine, Professional's Choice or Turn-Two Equine. Seven Classic Equine Lightning Cheek Chain Horse Bit. Beautiful colt, makes it possible to pick up without kerb chain contact. Conquistador Metalab short shaft chain bit roping series.

Goostree is a real drum race legends and has been a reliable name for over 35 years.

Goostree is a real drum race legends and has been a reliable name for over 35 years. A former champion of the championship, Carol has rode the highest grade bits, genuine designs and from some of the best barrels raceers in the business.

The Goostree Bits provide a straightforward, sensible way to address some of the most frequent problems in hippopotamuses. Goostree Collection provides beginners to professionals, especially for barrels racer.

Noil Merrill Barrel Racing Bits

The bits have the same tendency to suit the rider's palm as well as the horse's muzzle. The knowledge of your own palms and your own personal styles will help you to make a choice that your equine will appreciate and appreciate. Multirill drills are engineered to give a clear and solid message without damaging the rider. Shaft/buy length: The Short Shank is a great first piece and is 5" inclusive.

Included in the price is a 7" middle stock. Chain dog nozzle is gentle and less objectionable. The three-part plain nozzle is of moderate strength. Three-part turned steel tip is stronger. We' re going to give away a Merrill bit on New Year's Day. Giveaways are for a media.....

Handcrafted Bits Spurs Buckles for sale Custom Makers

Excellent of the deceased Jerry Cates of Amarillo. High-grade chisel from the Texas manufacturer Mike Anders with the inscription ANDERS 2017. Made-to-measure for Charlieâs from long times craftsman and..... A very useful CHARLIEâS type bits, made by a long standing Charlieâs manufacturer, with 5 1/8" copiers.....

The chisel has a 5 1/8" San Joaquin 5 " 1/8 " mouth covered with cupric cricket and cupric inlay, 7 5/8" inlay..... Jerry Cates Spurs, number 3796, not used. A very collectable couple from one of the best. Easy-to-use 1/4 mondbit with 7 1/8" cheek and a 5 1/8" frog's jaw inserted with cup.

This is a highlighted digit..... Eighty-century 92 JD ISRAEL marks colts in good used state, produced by the Wynona based John David Israel,..... Unoccupied essay by Robert and Leo Campbell from Amarillo. campbell 13805, with 5 1/8" neck finish..... Elaborately carved insert of starlingsilver on 8â San Joaquin cheek and drool stick and the 2â concho.....

R.A.G. 22 tagged by the deceased R.A. Glenn from Throckmorton, Tit. Its bits are good with bits and..... Slightly worn KERRY KELLEY set of teeth with flowering 6 7/8" cheekbones and 5 1/8" inlay....... This is a rarity from the famous manufacturer, the later RM "Bob" Hall of California.

Was a creator, a master of something..... Markle from Dennis Markle, a manufacturer of many years. He has 4 15/16" mouths and has 9 1/4" cheek........ Sold a set DEE labeled, Dee Robinson made clasps of very beautiful qualitiy, not used, for 5/8"-straps,..... AZ Sporenmacher JD Moss makes new handcrafted waist strap.

Mouthpiece IS 5 1/4â WIDTH....... Pretty Campbell bridle teeth. Garcia Elko Nev marked California spores in California design.

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