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Body Protectors! Suppliers of hats for the Olympic Games! Ventair Riding Hat is a modern hat with a light shell of soft and durable synthetic nubuck, equipped with a ventilated airflow system. Champions Air Tech Deluxe Riding Hat Dial Fit Black.

Champoint Riding Hats & Helmets

Champions riding caps are among the best that have been designed and manufactured to the latest security norms and rules to guarantee driving-safeness. Champion Junior riding caps are available to keep your kids riding safely when they learn to horse - a peaceful environment for everyone.

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Champions rigorously tests all their riding gear to make sure their riding caps and armour guards are more than sufficient to keep the rider safe in all events. The Champion riding and protector range is developed and produced in the UK to guarantee your riding helmet and protection.

Champion has created riding caps for every taste, every budget and every discipline. Champion has created an excellent selection of riding caps and riding jackets for the younger horse that starts out, which are affordably and in style and above all provide excellent shelter for young minds.

Horse Riding Hat Champion

The hat grew out. Junior Champion CPX3000 velvet riding cap. Height 6 3/4 55cm. Second-hand children's riding cap. Brand: Champion. A good condition invites more abrasion to the left in this, perfectly for a newbie. junior jampion dellexe riding has black cpx 3000 size 7 1/2 61cm lightweight high speed with abs shell.

Easy to adjust strap with snap closure.

Ventair Champion Riding Cap

Champion Ventair Riding Hat is fashionable, elegant and light. A light shell with the Ventair's airflow system for maximum driver convenience in all circumstances. Outside shell made of anti-slip material prevents the entry of hot items and evenly spreads the collision force onto the Polystyrol Liners, which absorb and reduce the collision effectively.

This elegant parachute is made of smooth cushioned nubuk leather with a drawcord at the back and a quick-release fastener for ease of use. Also available in black and navy, this riding hat is certified to PAS:015 (Kitemarked) specifications and to EA and Pony Club Australia according to EA and ASTM F1163-2015 (SEI) from 1.1.2017.

Every Champion Riding Hat meets the following specifications; all Champion Hats are continuously inspected during production, not just during the designing phase. Permeation, shock absorption, harness strength and stability.

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