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Horse Riding Hat Helmet Champion Air Tech Adjustable Size Ventilated Kitemark | eBay. Use of riding helmets considerably reduces the probability and severity of head injuries. THE ABOVE HATS AND HELMETS ARE APPROVED BY THE NEW ZEALAND RIDER. She' s the current reserve champion in breakaway away roping and loves everything about competition. Use one of Millbry Hill's riding hats to protect your head.


This is a paradise for horse enthusiasts of all disciplines. Over the last 20 years we have been and remain one of the major Irish show jumpers' patrons and still remain the principal patron of the Pony Owners Charity Show in Millstreet. This is the largest charity equalian show in Ireland.

Three Amazing Facts: Riding & Helmets

She' s the reserve winner in breakaway away roping and likes everything about competitions. Here Rachel speaks about some unexpected facts she learnt in preparation for the Maryland Horse Expo. Do you know that helmets are 80% efficient to avoid injuries and deaths? Whilst you may have known that helmets help to avoid injuries, the odds are that you hadn't noticed how efficient they were (yes, I said 80% effective!).

I had the great opportunity last year to give a lecture on the Maryland Horse Expo on the subject of helmetsafety. Talking at the Expo was a great opportunity for me to see other horse lovers and sharing the importance of helmets with them. When I was researching the security of helmets in the run-up to the Expo, I came across some interesting facts and astonishing stats that really took me by surprise!

This is the most frequent course in which injury occurs. Instead of galloping, lop or even jogging, the most frequent course in which injury occurs. My research has taught me that while velocity affects the gravity of a crash, altitude also has a decisive influence on the determination of injury.

Headache lesions are accumulative. Anyone riding a horse falls off just as easily as anyone else. Regardless of how much driving practice you have or how little, an accident is unforeseeable and can occur to anyone. Hopefully by dividing up these few facts you will have learned more about the importance of using a hat.

The scientific community and human beings cannot foresee the impact of riding a horse. Whilst I can say that horse riding has had a positive influence on my own lives, I can also say that I have had a positive influence on my own by always riding with a hardhat.

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