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We have a large selection of high-quality riding caps from brands such as Champion, Harry Hall, Charles Owen, One K, Caldene and Tagg. "Champion helmets If you buy Champion, you know you get great coverage at an affordable cost. Classy, flat, contemporary and light, this cap features a fibreglass shell and a high-tech ventilation system. It is made of smooth cushioned nubuk with a backcord.

Light, die-cast anti-slip shell with three-point belt and snap fastener for easy handling.

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The riding cap has grown out. A very light rubbing on the top where other helmets have been grated. Junior Champion CPX3000 velvet riding cap. Second-hand children's riding cap. Brand: Champion. junior jampion dellexe riding has black cpx 3000 size 7 1/2 61cm lightweight high speed with abs shell. I' m going to sell all my new riding equipment as I have to give up because of back ache.

Toklat Originals Inc. is the new distribution partner for the USA.

Champions Safety Wear is proud to announce the signing of a distribution contract with the American design, manufacturing and distribution company Toklat Originals Inc. We at Toklat look forward to a long and prosperous relationship when it comes to working with joy and professionalism worldwide.

TokyoToklat has a long tradition of selling top of the line horse labels within the US horse industries. These announcements mark the beginning of an interesting landmark for the security sector. As Sarah-Jane Fedarb, General Manager of Champion Manufacturing, said: "We are excited about the partnership with Toklat and were amazed at their expertise and reputation in our business.

In response to customers' demands in the UK and USA, we have recently expanded our beloved line of evolutions helmets, now available in three new versions: Puissance, Pearl and Diamond. The helmets have been extremely well accepted in show jumping and training and we are optimistic that they will go from force to force in the USA.

With Toklat's reputations, range and dedication, together we will have a very beneficial effect on the security arrangements in the U.S. We are also very pleased with the competence and dedication of the Toklat staff who are dedicated to delivering outstanding client support, a Champion trademark.

It is a good moment to build on the Champion brand's uptime in the US. Made-in-Great Britain, Champion is a trailblazer in the evolution of riding helmets and security stan-dards. Close cooperation with the standardisation bodies to improve the standardisation process and at the same in order to obtain a light weight products that the consumer likes to wear.

Champion was the first to bring a PAS015 range to market and has been passionate about security ever since. The Champion helmets and skullcaps are British Standards Institute certified and ISO 9001 certified, which means that a Champion headgear is individually checked every day. Champion is a privately held company and is managed by the 2. generations of the Ayres fam.

Champions are very proud to manufacture their handcrafted riding helmets and personal protective equipment in the UK; basically they know their product from beginning to end. Known worldwide, Champion prides itself on its committed staff, some of whom have been with the company since its founding in 1978, and are comprised of individual and dependant members of the locals who are proud to make each and every one of their helmets by crafts.

Champion is the best of Britons and is appreciated by equestrians of all kinds worldwide. UK and Australia policemen are wearing champion helmets both for official functions and behind the scene. Likewise, the Royal Horse Society relies on Champion and equips all equestrian centre employees with Champion riding helmets and skullcaps.

Using a broad palette of helmets, the Champion Signature trademark is often seen on the front of recreational riders' helmets and Olympic competitors such as Pippa Funnell, Piggy French and Kitty King. Royal Households also turn to Champion, and the British Pony Club has chosen Champion as their offical associate, who is currently equipped with Champion headgear and riding helmets in the USA........

TOCATLAT Originals Inc. is a major US design, manufacturing and distribution company for horseback riding equipment such as riding gear, saddles and saddles. Known for their top of the line brand names such as Myler Bits, Irideon Riding Wear and high-quality British and West European and U.S.-made seat upholstery, they also sell top of the line UK and European brand names like Bucas, Roeckl, Woof Wear, Zilco and now Champion Safety Wear.

Tokyo Originals was bought by Jim Mreen in 1976. Soon after the launch of WoolBack, all major Toklat brand originals such as Medallion, SuperQuilt and Premium Southwest were released. Toklat became the formal saddlecloth of the United States Equestrian Federation in 2012.

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