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The K4 Ranch

In 1941 the Kieckhefer made the purchase of the K4 Runch, 35 leagues from Prescott, and celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2016. In order to enhance the overall K4 rank horse performance, Robert (Bob) H. Kieckhefer began breeding quarter horses in the 1940', the first of which were registered in 1943, only three years after the founding of the America Quarter Horse Association.

The first horses he purchased were the renowned RO brand horses of the neighbouring Greene Cattle Company. The K4 Farm has been registering horses with the AQHA for over 60 years. In the space of a decennium after the start of its equine programme, the farm produced horses that won championship on race tracks and show ring events throughout the West, in parallel to rearing good utility horses.

AQHA, served as Chairman in 1976 and was accepted into the Hall of Fame in 1994. Will became Arizona's first AQHA Supreme Champion and scored points in Racing, Halter, Tie Down Roping, Heading, Heeling, Hunter Under Saddle, Working Course Horse, Reining, Pole Bend-ing and West Pleasure.

In 1959 Chuck Sheppard joined K4 as a management and had a major influence on the K4 horses line. As a top hands and roweo cowboys he spent over 42 years spreading his know-how and trained, showing and driving many victories. In 1963 Chuck and John were significantly involved in the purchase of the great Driftwood Ike, the most renowned offspring of AQHA's founding father Driftwood.

For 17 years he was on the farm and had an enormous impact on the ranch's breedings. Cee Booger became part of the programme about 15 years ago and the line on the Driftwood broodmares has been very well balanced. Fast learner and very sporty, Cee Booger horses are very popular with tightrope walkers and barrels racing.

Further sires in the programme are the offspring of Popular Resortfigure (AQHA Suphorse 2002 and Dual Pep's son) and Fiesta Royale (son of Royal Shakem, the father of many race and drum race champions). Now K4 Ranch operates 20 brood mares with the blood lines Driftwood Ike, Tuffy Ike, Orphan Drift, Drifts Vaquero, Ike's Last, Harlan, Oklahoma Star, Colonel Freckles, Cee Booger Red, First Down Dash and Chick Bedeuno.

Rick and Sarah Kieckhefer now lead the four horses programme. A National Finals rodeo qualifying tournament in calf abseiling, Sarah is a 12-times Turquoise Circuit qualifying tournament in Barel Riding. One of the most succesful horses of the arenas in the land, the farm still strives to make top horses around ranching horses, ropes and draught horses.

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