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Entrust the owner of your horses with the knowledge that they will react quickly and responsibly to your requirements and the way your horses are insured. AFIG's products of equestrian health and equestrian business are designed to meet the needs of professional and amateur riders. A trustworthy member of your team, your stallion is a trustworthy companion.

It is also a precious asset that you must safeguard. In your surroundings or as part of your use, you know that horses are vulnerable to many hazards. They can be ready to manage these contingencies by covering your horses with AFIG Equestrian Endowment or Equestrian Endowment policies.

You are also insured if damage to your belongings is caused by your carelessness. Your are entitled to claim against products that you have sold or executed yourself. In the event that a animal is wounded or die while in your charge, supervision and supervision, you are insured up to certain levels specified in the insurance contract.

Furthermore, your devices and consumables are insured against losses or damages! Liability in general: Cover of demands and court rulings due to personal or material damages which have been occasioned by work carried out by you. As an example, a pair of shoes takes off two or three nights after being put on, resulting in personal injury to the horseman and equestrian.

Nursing, safekeeping and monitoring liability: That important advantage provides cover for injuries to horses not in the possession of a handler as a consequence of your carelessness as a blacksmith while the handler is in your charge, safekeeping and inspection. The cover provides cover against lost or damaged portable equipment of horseshoes, tooling and accessories used in forging.

Thievery is insured, but please see the policies for detailed information on other risks insured. Every year million visitors visit equestrian shows, rodeo, trade shows, festivities, riding tours and exceptional shows included in the Equestrian Group's premium programmes. It is an affordably priced and extensive product that is taken over by A+'s domestic insurers.

Equestrian organisation, civil servants, members of committees, magistrates, course planners and building owner are added to the insurance list by default. Receive the latest disclaimers and show agreements at no extra cost! The purpose of this Directive is to provide protection against the risks of personal injuries or damages resulting from the use of racephorses.

In order to ensure appropriate levels of security, homeowners should obtain assurance certification from impartial suppliers. Pricing is very competitively priced, with limitations on liabilities up to $1,000,000,000. Cover under this contract is intended to cover you for your statutory liabilities up to the limit of the contract. In the event a personal injury occurs or damage is caused to property by any activity affecting the animal or animals you own, we will, without prejudice to the exclusion in the policies, pay any claim for which you are statutorily responsible, up to and including any defense expenses.

Importantly, your equestrian business should be managed by a business with a solid finance base, extensive equestrian knowledge and skills to address your needs in the equestrian world. Equestrian Group Farms & Ranch's special offer is tailored to the needs of today's equestrianist.

Agricultural policies offer both inflexibility and comprehensive shelter at a cost effective level. No matter whether you run your own equine business as an individuals, partnerships or companies, we can provide the necessary tailored coverage. Non-life insurances to protect house and content, barn, shed, own machines, tools, ropes and cattle.

Third party indemnity for covering your home and your equestrian business, on and off the grounds, as well as such surgeries as: Boating, kennel, racing, training, equestrian shows and lessons. Motor vehicle insurances for private, land and utility cars in one single contract. Rated A+ Valued insurer. There are various retentions available. There is a compensation system for building and furnishings.

Basics, Broad or Spot are available for all properties. Protect against ID theft. The vehicle cover can be used. Individual responsibility can be used. There is a maximum limitation of up to $10 million available. Our premium policies provide all the coverage your company needs in one complete bundle. Equestrian Group's Ultra Tier Services Program is a privileged program specifically developed for vets, veterinary clinics, pets keepers, catteries, mothers, grocery shops and graveyards.

Equine holders are confronted with singular risks of liabilities that may not be sufficiently insured by ordinary life insurances such as homeowners only. Equestrian Group has specifically developed an Equestrian Class II coverage that covers the statutory liabilities of equine owners for both injuries and material damages to other persons resulting from equine use.

When you own and do not run a professional equestrian shop, our third parties insurance covers your rights against third parties asserted by your own equine. These also include personal injuries or material damages to third parties on or outside your grounds - even if your animal is kept in an independent shed.

When your pony comes into direct human touch, you need this kind of protection! The rules of many house owners restrict or completely rule out this cover. Third party insurance, which includes defence expenses, is available with a limited policy of up to US$1 million. Pricing is very competetive and starts at only $25 per Horse, depending on what the Rewards are.

We do not cover any incident while the horses are being used or ready for use in combination with a coach, stroller or similar craft. Extending cover for non-commercial enjoyment or competitive riding is possible through approval.

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