Cheap Equestrian Shops

Equestrian cheap shops

Shopping in Buenos Aires Area Buenos Aires, Argentina: The most attractive gauchos, equestrian, antiques and gold shops. Cardón, a well-known Argentine garment label, presents new, high-quality collection every year. Founded in 1988, the company provides a broad selection of classic clothes, leathers and "criollo" silverware. There is a full assortment of handicrafts in the shop catalog, which includes clothes, equestrian equipment and several pieces of silverware.

La Dolfina was founded in 1995 by Adolfo Cambiaso, one of the best Polish athletes in the whole word, and is a Poloteam that has introduced its own line of dress. Nowadays the shop boasts a high-quality selection. La Martina sponsors one of the largest Polish sport teams in the globe and provides a broad selection of equipment and clothes for the most renowned Polish athletes and their teams.

Located in the centre of Recoleta, Rossi & Caruso combine designs, texts, colours and attention to detail to emphasise the best Argentinian leathers and their great passions. The Casa de las Botas has developed since 1970 into a benchmark for top performance in all equestrian sports. We offer the best workmanship and exclusivity in a broad colour palette.

You' ll find all types of boot there, including poly boot and horseboot. Situated in the Belgrano area, this small shop has a wide choice of horse back boot: horse back riding, show jump, horse back exercises... Casa Walton is a good old place for riders in Buenos Aires. The Logi Polo House is a paddock specialised in the production and repair of Polosticks, tacks, saddles, bridles and all types of playing outfit.

Oscar Lopez, with his background at Lacey & Sons, the first Polish store in Argentina, in 1978 resolved to found Logi Polo House. Specifically for polio suits, the company supports the famous Bautista Heguy polioer. There is a range of items for equestrian athletes and their horse according to their specialities such as show jump or stamina.

The Buenos Aires Design is the only commercial centre dedicated entirely to design and decor. Located on three floors, this store is in the immediate vicinity of the Buenos Aires Auditory, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Recoleta Graveyard. Near San Telmo, as you walk through the cobblestone roads, you will find interesting passages that sell secondhand goods or oldques.

Situated in the centre of the ancient city of Palermo, since 2000 its proprietors, architects, designer and antique dealers have opened a store with their favourite products, in which old and new products stand side by side. Across the street is the Buenos Aires Flohmarkt.

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