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Brilliant way to set up cheap jumps without tools. Brilliant way to set up cheap jumps without tools. As these millennials have disturbed the equestrian clothing business

Following their high school graduation and their move to New York City to follow a career in the field of venture investment and documentaries, Andrea Hippeau Vogel and Dana Schwartz were resolved not to give up their life-long love of horseriding. Disgruntled at the shortage of equestrian apparel that could take them from the streets to the barns, they developed the Free x Rein line, an "equleisure" line that also tackles the major problems of women equestrians - loose tops, gliding waistband and the need to put spanx under second hide trousers.

This has resulted in a line of bodiesuits and breeches that can readily be doubled as styled, figure-hugging outdoor wear. Is " horseisure " therefore one thing - are your costumers both horsemen and non-riders? Bird: We are stunned by the interest in equestrian sports! Most of our clientele are equally divided between horsemen and women.

Whilst we always thought that our clothing would be great as roadwear, it was so good to see how so many ladies rocked our signed ponte trousers in daily use. We' ve heard of so many ladies who like the look but have been too scared to try it in the past because they felt like they were dressed in a outfit.

What is the greatest lecture you've learnt, seven-month later? We' ve learnt that the actual work begins after you start your company, and you need to be highly responsive and willing to modify your plans after you start. Following our first pop-up we found that our clients really needed to sense the differences in materials from what is currently on the scene and tried the items on to see for themselves how complimentary they were.

While we know that our demographics may take a while to adjust to a new franchise, we didn't expect how big the gap would be if we could get together and try everything on. Vogel: Overall, we got a very good reception from the horse group. Just as with the introduction of something new, we had to be very focused and detailled to share the information about the body - the riders are very traditionally in their uniforms, so it requires a great deal of confidence to try the body.

So what else did you learn about start-ups? We have also learnt to realize that we do not know what we do not know and how important it is to find tutors and consultants who can provide their expert knowledge and consulting - we have a few informally minded consultants and want to set up our counsel.

Simultaneously, we have learnt that you can go out and collect dates and pieces of information, but many of the choices have to be made from the belly. Well, another thing we've learnt is to always say yes. How can you divide your counsel on how to act on an inspiration or a fantasy?

Bird: If you have a real dilemma or see a dilemma in your everyday live, others do! Never would we have thought that we could create a apparel label because none of us have experiences in the fields of fashions, retailing or production, but if you believe in yourself and your ideas, you can achieve anything.

We, as members of the equestrian world, are always looking at how we can enhance and re-define the FXR designs to best fit the needs of traveling female riders, whether they are on horseback, going to the offices or collecting children! We have just released our first ever piece of Lederaccessoire, an equestrian-inspired waist pouch that is both practical for horse back riding and a true urban lifestyle reference.

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