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Assessment of the appearance of dustmites in rugs. - pubmed In the southwest of Sydney, Australia, an area with a known high incidence of domestic dustmites in the surrounding area, a test of fourteen rugs and two saddles was examined for the existence of domestic dustmites. Specimens of carpeting, ceilings and 16 inspection stations were gathered with a hoover with specially designed top and silencer.

Dustmites were removed with an appropriate flotation-technology. 8 carpets and all controls were found beneficial for the presence of the dustmites of the species Dermatophagoides. However, this research indicates that the reaction of allergens to interdermal and serial allergies in equine patients with ATOP can be a real allergic reaction to household dustmites.

However, quantitative trials will be necessary to verify sufficient milk exposures for the progression of hyperresponsiveness and further assessment of immunologic response, prevention and challenge and targeted immune therapy are necessary to validate the clinical relevancy. According to the information of the author, this is the first survey to record the existence of dustmites in the vicinity of horses.

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By the end of hibernation they were cleaned and tested and then stored for the next year. When I thought my carpet girl might not have re-waterproofed it, I sent it to her for laundry and rewash. They say that if the carpet leaks, my carpet cleaner must have cleaned it at too high a temp and the inner liner will be lost.

I will now have to buy a new carpet - but NOT Premier Equine! Disturbingly, I just purchased a PE crossover for my other stallion and she wore it once, so it's too long to return it now.

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