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New Braided Barrel Racing. LEATHER 101: How to I. D. Quality Tape Buying new straps and calipers can be both an thrilling and a challenging experience. If you are investing your much deserved amount of your precious spare minute and your budget in the purchase of new equipment, it is of the greatest importance to determine the qualitiy of each and every article of leathers before the purchase!

Though we don't like to think about it, the bulk of horse skin equipment is made from the fur of a horse.

Do you know that the better the cow's health, the better theskin? Usually, producers of leathers favour older, grass-fed pets to keep them slim and sane. Chromium & Veggie Tanning: The majority of producers favour vegetal dyeing; although it lasts longer, the end product is a thicker and more water-repellent material.

It can take up to several month and ends with the skins being ready and clad in a curry. Cheap leathers can actually get this colouring spray-painted, but top grade leathers are processed by handwork. Which is full-grain leather? Tanner want a beautiful, ready-made tanner to help them eliminate any defects they find in the top coating of the skin.

A number of producers do not use "polished" skins, as this makes the skins weaker and gives their products the name "full grained leather". For more information about fullgrained leathers, click here. It' t is quoting some leathers! Rate the finish: it should be silky-soft, roughness indicates bad workmanship. The bottom should also be relatively slippery.

Small aesthetic defects are tolerable, although the colour should be fairly consistent. Evaluate the feeling: It should be hard to the touch when the leathers are soft and spongey. Work, slightly draw and flex the leathers, the fibres must not show any cracks. Are the leathers smooth? It is a good indicator when the skin is smooth.

If you are bending the hide, the colour should not be affected. When bending, top grade leathers can have some small creases, but should not crack. It is unlikely that producers of top grade leathers will save on beautiful clamps and buckles....What do the hardware look like?

Inspect the edge of the leather: does it have a shade of greenness? That probably means that the skin has been chromed, it will be thick but will expand over the years. Large vendors usually promote, avoiding Grade-A tags. Purchase a serious brand: You usually have a strict level of qualitiy assurance.

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