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A unique, overlapping and adjustable front closure that fits from the smallest to the largest foal. Maker and exporter of fleece carpets, cooler carpets, fleece horse blankets, cheap horse blankets. Locally Sourced Foal Carpets Classifieds for sale in the UK and Ireland.

Imigo Foal Carpet TO

Amalgos Foal Carpet TO in store and dispatchable. Horseware's Amigo Foal Blanket gives you no cause to fear that the foal will remain hot during the whole year. The Horseware Ireland foal switch is a foal switch that can be used for colts from foal indoors and out.

Our uniquely advanced adjusting system allows the foal to wax with your foal. The front and side hook and loop fasteners can be extended by 6-inch. A contours of the abdominal bow and valve ensure a good foal and keep the foal warmer.

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