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We offer standard and full neck turnout carpets in light, medium and heavy design. MULTISTRIPE variableVariations indisponibles_variations= { "4341303":1} ; $.each(UnavailableVariations, Funktion (UnavailableVariationID) { form.find('[value="' + UnavailableVariationID +'"]]').

addClass('variation-novailable') ; }) ; var InvisibleVariations_variations = {"4341303":1} ; $. Purchased this rugs for our tournament-pony has always fought to get rugs to fit around its box while it is slim - with having the adaptable box fitting I can get it enough snaug to fit properly - the qualtity is magnificent and the striped pattern is very funny - will buy more for maxa!

It' s my favorite! Oh, dear, love, dear, Iove this carpet! I have a broad breast and a broad throat, but the adjustment attachments made it easier to adjust it properly.

second-hand switch carpets

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switch carpets

Soft carpets are conceived in such a way that they keep the horse in the fields neat and airy and warm even in winters. Thickness of the outside of a switch carpet is expressed in deniers and the higher the number of deniers of a switch carpet, the greater and less susceptible to tearing and jamming of the outside of the switch carpet, so that a 1200D switch carpet would be less susceptible to tearing than a 600D switch carpet.

Soft carpets are air-permeable and allow sweat to escape, and unlike New Zealand carpets, soft carpets do not normally need to be impregnated to maintain their water resistance. Soft carpets are available in different thickness / weight, expressed in grammes, which provide the horse with different amounts of warmness.

Light soft carpets for summers have no infill, while light soft carpets for winters usually have up to 150 gram of infill, medium-heavy soft carpets have 150 gram to 300 gram of infill and heavy soft carpets have more than 300 gram of infill. Switch carpets are available with different necks.

Switch carpets are usually supported by cruciform straps: one goes from the front of one side of the switch carpet under the horse's stomach and is attached to the back on the other side of the carpet and one from the back of the switch carpet under the horse's stomach and is attached to the front on the other side of the carpet.

The majority of switch carpets have back limbs, which are attached with a belt between the back limbs of the horse and are attached to the back on the same side of the switch carpet. In this way the thighs of the switch cover are connected between the horse's backs.

When the thighs of a soft blanket are too narrow, they can cause friction, and when they are too loosely, the horse can catch the hoofs in the belts when it lies down. Instead of having thong belts, some switch carpets have a cord on both sides of the switch carpet on the back, over which the switch tails are drawn.

However, a line of fillets does not stop the switch carpet from sliding when the horse is rolling as the rear feet do. In order for the switch ceiling to provide the best possible degree of shelter from the elements, each switch ceiling should be long enough so that the horse's stomach is not seen from the side and the front of the switch ceiling has a good overlay.

A number of switch carpets have folds in the shoulder which allow the horse more room to move. Soft carpets are lighter than New Zealand carpets and therefore less susceptible to friction on the horse's shoulder, breast and withers. These carpets can be used in a wide range of applications. Ceilings and suspended ceilings can also be used with switch carpets to generate additional heat.

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