Cheap Heavyweight Rugs

Inexpensive carpets in heavyweight

testimonials Guarantee of product: That pale tan is the colour I wanted, so the colour was subtle, but it was discoloured in some areas and the weaving also came out. The discolouration I thought was due to colour gradation, but when I rinsed it, all spots came out, but so did the fabric. It' looking older now than some of the carpets I've had for 15 years. Up to now this seems to be a proper carpet that is difficult and not threadbare. It' the colour I like and it seems well done.

Several of the cloths are untangled and the colour has supplied blood to the whole carpet, giving it a pink shimmer.

When they' ve done three washes, as they say in the descriptive text, I don't know how that was. To be honest, the colour and finish of the material used in this carpet is gorgeous. Thanks Prairie Rugs for making such a nice one. Marvelous qualitiy. We are very disillusioned, we really enjoy the good workmanship, but it just doesn't work with the other colours.

It is a great thing that we like so much that we could try the colour of dry sands. Well, I'm not really pleased with the deal, but I don't have the timing and effort at this season to give it back for the right colour, so I keep it for the lingerie area in the cellar.

It seems to be quite good and it' s the right sized I ordered, but I needed the carpet for my little cuisine. Oh, I really enjoy the workmanship and a little bit of colour variation. It' a perfect match for my armchairs. The colour is hot, the fabric is cuddly, the structure is pleasant, the appearance is refined and yet groundy, and it has a very weak odour of nature, not the bad odour that the plastic and polystyrene articles have!

The colour (sand) corresponds to the photograph.

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