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A perfect small boarding barn

The well-being of your horse is important. You have tried with little effort to find a boarding position that suits your (and his) needs, and some of your equestrian friends are facing the same challenge. If a small horse in your neighbourhood comes on the local markets, the pocket size calculation shows that you can buy it - while of course you keep your "day job" - with an earnings of a few boarding students.

It' a small place, so no hassle doing the job; you think you can wash three or four stands in the amount of space you now need to drive back and forth to your present boarding barnyard. Accompanying your horse with the help of our friendly boarder creates a fellowship that gives good pension stable a good advantage over privately owned sheds.

Your housemate, attracted by the opportunity to stay at home for more hours instead of going into the shed, also comes up with the right notion. You' ve already purchased your home before you can say "pitchfork". It will be the ideal little stable where your and other ponies will get the affectionate grooming you have wished for them.

It is a common wish to maintain your own horse farm with individual, small-scale catering, because it makes so much good business: It is a win-win scenario for you and other horse-owners, who want to meet your expectations. On the way there I gained a new outlook - not only on my own limits, but also on the relation between boarders and boarders:

If you are dreaming of building your own ideal little boarding stable, my hard-won knowledge can help you; if you don't, it can facilitate your communications with your horse's caretaker. Years ago I had already taken care of three or four ponies, in collaboration with a neighbour whose stable I had divided. I' ve also got a powerful, horse-loving companion who is ready (and able) to fix anything, from a leaky well-hydrogen to a hanging stable-doors.

This five-storey building had to be seriously renovated. The Plusses were (1) enough space for one year of grass; (2) a small (almost as big as a normal small training ring) ring, indispensable for year-round horse backpacking in our North New England; and (3) several hectares of vacated pads with sturdy, secure electrical fences.

We lived in a good home - almost an after thought in the midst of all horse worries. We' ve already had a few snowboarders who wanted to take their horse; what have we been there for? We' still have that little horse ranch, but we' re not going back aboard. When I retell the history of our trip to the horse business, I always liken it to marriages or education:

"Well enough ", if the boarding is categorical different from the own care. A planned date doesn't leave you enough free space to tidy up and go to your own hut in the early mornings? However, a snowboarder who stops for a lunch break can be upset to find his horse's stable messy - even if he will be cleaned before dinner.

It is difficult to find a good period for repair and service. There' always something to fix on a ranch. Work may involve loud electrical equipment, temporary restricted accessibility to certain areas or other discomfort. This is the period when boarding school students prefer to go horseback riding or at least hanging out in the shed, grooming their ponies and making contacts.

This can lead to an unpleasant hurry to stuff the work into slits, for example on Sunday mornings when nobody is there. When you have the barns and car park near the building, you will be clear about students coming and going - and if your building does not have harsh windows, you may sometimes have the feeling that you live in a fish bowl.

It' s common to limit yourself to the needs of those you pay for using the barns and the ring. {\After all, you are living on the place so you can use it anytime!} A busy Saturday of at school and classes can end with your realizing that you never got your own drive in.

A lot of periodic home owner policy can be adjusted for reporting if you keep a few ponies for your own personal use, but everything changes the minute you enter the business in the image. Business activities include - but are not restricted to - the husbandry of foreign ponies against payment of any kind (including exchanged stable work and cash), tuition or rent.

It is likely that even a small retirement will necessitate insurance that is tailor-made for the business and provides a high level of coverage. A number of hauliers can make regular on-site inspections to ensure that your operations meet security requirements. So if you have your own dreams of the ideal little shed, here are some hints that may not resolve every issue, but pave the way.

Do some major repair work before the boarder arrives. A full shed' cashed stream can be useful for your launch, and (perhaps even more important) future boarder may be keen to move in. However, you - and they - will have a better starting point if you do not try to make fundamental improvements (such as fences, stables or stable structures) around the needs of the horse and its owner.

It' much simpler to have guidelines right from the beginning than to change them to respond to issues that arise. As well as the default security policy, you can customize the policy to suit your own needs. Remember, for example, to set certain periods when the shed and/or stadium is not available; this can be certain lessons or one "off" daily per working weekend (for apparent reason, not on weekends).

Once you have chosen your stable policy, place it in a prominent place and give all boarder a copy. Prematurely find a first-class spring of straw. On the other hand, a shipment of poor quality straw (coarse, inedible, unweedy, powdery or moldy) - often the consequence of being compelled to buy straw in a dash - can cause a whole host of issues in your shed, which includes the occurrence of airway diseases.

No matter if your spring of grass is a landlord or a remote supplier, you need reliable and reliable care and attention before the first horse reaches you. Each journey you don't have to schedule to get food or litter gives you more horseback ( or repair time). Since we are lying on a lively street and this is obviously a horse ranch, the would-be guests are still knocking at our doors from there.

Though we have to reject them, it's a great way to get in touch with other members of the locals' horse-owning congregation. Some of the old fishermen who came on board found ways to keep their horse at home. We' ve bought ourselves a few extra ponies (funny how that happens when you have an empty stable).

Because how much more work could it be to make the ideal small kennel? The first edition of this paper was published in the May 2006 edition of Practical Horseman journal. You will find a guideline for the selection of a pension that meets the needs of your horse in the November 2007 edition under "Find the best pension stable".

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