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Western Barrel Reins Turquoise. You can find horse equipment ads in our category Horses & Ponies from the Brisbane region, QLD.

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New Shires brand fleece supports still in packing and never been opened! x4 wraps prepared to be used for training, pole, or general use. Gladly at the buyer's cost. Gotta go as fast as I can. Horse blanket. Height: 5'0. It is in good state. Bridle without bridle. Sizes:: Good mint, $103.

Full fit in very good state $15 4. nd nddy up strap. Sizes XL 7 $ delivery is possible at the buyer's cost. 26/07/2018 "barefoot cherokee" treelessaddle genuine "sole" Thank you. Neck of horse and various cleaning utensils. bridles and bits, bridles, halter, harness, saddles etc. Wall-mount Saddlesticks.

Ten bucks apiece in good shape, 12 each. Once used, HFV medical shoes only need a laundry and it will be shiny new as it is still great in whiteness. 55 for pack of four mid-sized SALED Roma medical boots in front only brand new, but have markers from being in the shed.

Needed just a $35 laundry cob sized front $35 front chord boot -$30 brandnew in package any queries, pole buyers can do have many indicators of gear im paying as I have to give up my horse. 08.05.2018Horse Gear: Very negociable!

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There is upholstery for every use, from polo-crosses to trotting outfits. We offer riders stylish equestrian clothing and protection. For veterinarians and blacksmiths we have everything you need. Keep in mind that we are always working on it and add new and exiting items every few working day, so don't be a stranger, and if you want to shop with us and tell a buddy, one of our greeting card is a great way to do it!

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