Cheap Horse Grooming Kits

Inexpensive horse care sets

Horse-Grooming Kits for sales Roma(R) Stars Grooming Box Set Portable 6-piece set in a funny star pattern. Bodybrush Cream comb Dandybrush Hoof-scratcher Maned combs Plastic oilbrush with container. TOP-OF-THE-RANGE HORSE CARE SET PURPLE BAG. Horsecare set. Incl.

combs, hoof-scratches, palms of the hands and face brushes, manes and tails brushes, denim brushes and welding scrapers/bigcurries.

6-part BLUE Soft-Grip horse care set with Nylons carrycot! A NEW HORSE NECK! 6-part Showman Blue Softgrip care set with Nylons carrycot. 6-part BLUE Soft-Grip horse care set with Nylons carrycot! A NEW HORSE NECK! Ergonomically designed care utensils for easy care. Rigid brush, gentle finishing brush, coarse curry comb, mane and tail brush, main and tail comb, hoof pick and storage pocket.

Organiser with brushes and maintenance tools - Assorted, 20 x 24" Organise your maintenance tools with this beautiful organiser bag. It is made of strong and comfortable plastic with flexible bags and eyes. The set includes: Cleansing brusher, finishing brusher, gloves, sweat scrapers, hoof scrapers and cam.

Durable multi pocket trolley to hold your brush and spraying bottle in place. It also has a feather lock on the outside for hoof-scratches and more. A multipurpose pouch with a large B Vertigo label on the side is perfect for transporting cleaning utensils or anything else you need when travelling.

Horsecare products

Equine care brush, comb, pick, sponge and more are used to clean away debris, perspiration and lose fur from a horse's fur. This is a good way to enjoy spending quality care with your horse while maintaining his fur in good shape. We have a wide range of accessories for horse care including top brands such as Oster®, Roma®, Winner's Circle? and more.

Choose a cleaning kit and charge it with everything you need today! Please also refer to our tips for an effective maintenance routine and the guide for maintenance tools to make your selection easier.

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