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High quality holster made of leather, nylon, breakaway or rope in different price categories. From foal, miniature, cobs, horse, oversize to design, Big Dee's has a halter for your horse! Halters & Leads.

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Horsehalters made of different material offer additional advantages for workout and use. Horse holsters are great for exercise and are available in smooth corset. Designed for use on the floor, the cable holders are fully reclinable and can be easily attached or removed. Bind the knot of the retainer to the correct points of the horse's heads for optimum controllability and reaction while ensuring smooth controls and security.

Caves are used for years in the occidental equestrian scene and are now also used by huntsmen, show jumper, and event coaches. As soon as a horse reacts well to the ground work with a cable holster, his horse will be even more succesful in horse-racing. Non-stretched cable guide allows you to service the holster kit without a break.

Horse halter and leashes made of genuine horse skin are powerful, long-lasting and stylish for the daily routine of competitions and stables and are available in high-quality, smooth, flexible leathers for a classical look. Combine these stylish holsters with a long, smooth leash and guide your horse safely to or from the dock or around the show grounds.

The smooth inner liner emphasizes the beautiful look of these leathers and gives the horse a little more sophistication.

Horsehalters - Leather Anatomical, woven, padded, Online horse halter - Bridles & Reins.

The horse collar is an important element that will help you to control your horse when you are not in use. This is a classically designed holster used around the stable or on the show ground, while a Nylons holster can be used for a little colour.

You can use a harness as a great workout tool for your horse. We offer you the possibility to buy our horse collars on line, because we have made different oversizes, horse, butt and bangs available on the web. If you are not sure how to attach a holster, you can ask our advisor.

You can also get in touch with us to buy our King's horse halter made of genuine horseskin.

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