Cheap Horse Jumps for Sale used

Favourable horse jumps for sale used

Inexpensive riding equipment for export. Our jumps are the best quality you can buy for money. I' ve really got to find some for a good price, and if they're used.


Free delivery to Kentucky Horse Park, as well as our own ranches and educational establishments. In order to make our jumps, we begin with class 1 timber, processed for strength and long life. Then, the timber is finished with round edges and a flat, polished finish to enhance ease of use and security and give the timber a better finish for repaint.

The next step is to fix all the timber with coated, external bolts (NOT NAILS) to increase firmness and durability. After all, we only use the best lacquer and pickling agents to maintain the appearance and dependability of our jumps for years to come.


Versatile and suitable for many different sports. Pony Size Jump Set, Choose 8' Poles or 10' Poles This pony height jump set is perfect for beginner or ponyjumpers. A lot of have used this pack for young children's at home or on the showground.

The 5 Jump Schooling Set is available with 10' or 12' perfectly poles. Contains "The Stackers", post standards, flower boxes and flowers as well as perfectly shaped sticks and jump cups. 5 stand-up jumps for beginners. Handcrafted in the colours green, white, brown and stone, they are suitable for any hunting course.

Contains 5 wonderful horizontal jumps. Jumpers are five jumps in jumping styles with vibrant colours and obstructions found in jumping class. This 3 vertically and 2 horizontally positioned course is ideal for a small course for beginner or advanced students. The Starter Kit contains three easy jumps and two more challenging full sized oxy jumps with wing standards and gateways.

Select your colours to match your Hunter Style or Jumper Style. Select your Hunter colours along with stone standards and obstructions make this Hunter course practical and attractive for your front stadium or indoors. The 8-piece kit can be used for hunters or jumpers. This is called a jumper kit because of the light jumper colours you can use.

Comes with 4 vertical and 4 oxer. 13 Horse Jump Set. 8 vertical and 5 oxer, which can be turned into even more vertical. There' s a wide range of ways to create your course with many colours and style. You can use either Hunter or Jumper style and functions.

Full jumper kit for the pro. This 8 jumps consists of 4 vertical and 4 oxer. The jumps are 3-5 Ft high and 5-6 Ft high. I' m a little bit nervous about a black birch horse. Included in this 5 series kit are 3 vertical and 2 oxer starters. There are many nature characteristics and colours that have the look of the New England landscape.

The 5-foot piano standard kit contains 3 vertical and 2 oxid. The Hunter Show Assortment is made up of 5 feet wings with 4 vertical and 4 oxy. It is used on some of the most prestige horse shows in the whole state.

Is used for both Hunter and Hunter Derby classes.

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