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Locate breeches ads. hop quality ladies/ladies equitation Jodhpurs/Jodphur... The Irideon Kid's Issential Riding Jodhpurs.

The Jodhpurs Livery Yard & Competition Centre.


the David Broome championship. The Jodhpurs-Crew. Every month we organise free tests for young horses and show jumpers on all meteorological areas with indoors. On line training includes a £1 reservation charge. Many congratulations to Katy Wilcock who won the 2017 points award and the cash for the second time in a row.

Might I thank our supporters for the JRS DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIP 2017; And everyone who has donated our beautiful trophys. Donna & Dora Fitzgerald sponsor the 2017/18 Veterans Award (the Daffyd Memorial Trophy) was won by Mikki Fearnley Riding Monica. The" Prairie Fox Trophy" courtesy of Lis Darley was won by Jane Mansi Really.

I would like to pay tribute to all the young horse testers who have taken part in both the veterans' and young horse tests. Imogen Darley, who took the top spot a year ago, got off the reins and finished third with her beautiful bangs Harry.

Veterans Points Trophies will be presented in March. You can rent both stadiums for riding associations, dogs associations, hospitals and the daily riders. Sunshine Tour National Championship will be staged on the âhallowed turfâ of The All England Showground in Hickstead from Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 September 2018 for all age and performance levels.

Dress from Intro to L; Jump from 30cm to 1,05m; Qualify: 1. to 4. place in training, show jumper. You' ll have to go to the Sunday Tours to fill in a registration request if you have been placed in the first 4. only 2 more contests before the JRS CHAMPIONSHIP on October 28.

Introduction to the media testing plus a 60m stadium category. The last opportunity to compete in our JRS dressage series. We' ll do the same testing as in the championships to give you 2 week to solve all the issues. JR'S 2018 DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS. Only suitable for professional use.

Big trophy, sash, rosette, Fox Saddlers present voucher and £400 cash prizes. Excellent trophy for one year, if you qualify, come along and enjoy riding in a series.

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