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How can I buy riding clothes? Seguin, Boerne: performer, prize, suites - San Antonio - Texas (TX) Hello, and boot? also everyone has a certain barn, from which you like to take a lesson? We agree with the barn in which we are, but they are very far away and try to find something more detailed, which perhaps does not promote on the Internet? Stage Boerne Sattlerei, 24165 IH 10 West, Suite 209 Boerne, TX 78257 says they wear trousers, hats and jackets.

They can also buy the helms from Amazon...I ordered them for my girl because she doesn't like the look of bicycle helms, so we get the riding hats and stitch blankets for her. The Boerne Stage Saddlery was shut down month ago. You try Rollers in Boerne. If we had a horse, I can suggest some stable lessons.

The D&D has a great deal of Westerns tackle & clothing, but not much Englishs. Wheelers in Berne and they had everything we needed for riding in England. I was very lucky that I got the children's hats and jackets and trousers and hats. Also, any proposals for good beginners courses of Englisch on the northwestern side of the city for hunter/jumper?

There was a stall in the west that was very cheap near us, but I wanted the children to stay with the Britishjacket.

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I wonder if anyone knows if you can buy riding equipment in Thailand? As an example, riding patties costs more than 400 pounds and are beautiful, but there is a great deal of cash to invest.

Thank you in anticipation. There is a great riding center 1 hour from Bangkok named Horse Shoe Point. Give them an email and they might be able to help you. Just check "Horse Shoe Point Bangkok" This thread has been shut down due to lack of activity for new postings. Hopefully you will participate in the discussion by writing on an open thread or new one.

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