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We are the largest wholesaler of horse blankets in Australia. You can order online or visit our wide network of stores to get your preferred design. Take a look at our online display! The Redpost offers a wide range of fly carpets, which you can buy online and in the shop. Are you looking for high-quality horse blankets online at reasonable prices?

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So while the workmanship of the horse blanket you buy is very important, there is still some cash to spare when you buy around. These are some tips to help you find a cheap horse blanket. First, it is important not to give up in terms of qualitiy just to make savings of a few quid. Blankets are an important part of the care of your horse.

Really cheap horse blankets can be made of bad materials that do not keep your horse safe or warmer. There are many places where you can buy a horse blanket, and they are all very different in cost. Have a look both online and in your shop. On-line horse businesses always offer good rates and consultation.

There' s a bunch of horse clearing shops on the web, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find a cheap horse blanket. Only make sure you don't decide on one of bad qualitiy. Take a look at your farm, talk to your horse lovers or read the newspapers and journals. It is very important to keep in mind that a cheap horse blanket could be of bad qualitiy.

Please see our horse blankets page for more information.

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By cutting out the middleman, we trade directly with our producers to provide extraordinary product at the best possible prices. The carpets also provide function, breatheability and durability, so you can be sure that they can enhance a horse's living conditions both inside and outside the stables for a very long while.

They are ideal for use in the winter because they protect your horse from bugs.

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TRM, Europe's leading producer and marketer of food supplements and general equine health care solutions, is a trademark with a long-standing record of horsemanship and sophistication. Our dedication to the highest standards of product development and continuous improvement has led to the creation of a world-renowned equine nutritional supplements and health care group.

The horse blankets are available in lightweight, middle and heavy weights, so that all season is taken care of. During the cold winter season the switch carpets are perfect for keeping your horse hot and fresh outdoors.

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