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Dilemma of the ceiling - The No. 1 for equestrian farms, stables and coaches.

In the stables the animals carry bed linen and blankets in season. Consider them as two dresses per horse - and some need up to six blankets, blankets and cool boxes. Equine clothes can grow out of your saddle room and become a bunch of stables. Just as serious are piles of large, unwieldy and heavier ceilings that can be damaged.

Horse clothes can be expensive: Averages from $70 to $150, with high-end, high-tech blankets and show cooler up to $300. In order to avoid overloading, we have devised a three-stage schedule. Regardless of whether you have 10 or 200 ceilings, it is possible to maintain a good ratio of proper warehousing, ease of accessing and safety of precious possession.

Firstly, practise a politics of identification of all items of horse clothes in the hayloft. Assign each horse to its clothes and schedule how you can identify each horse with its belongings. They can write on clothes with a permanentmarker, on stomach or thighs. Or order cloth name badges to be sewn onto the cover at the front or neckline opening of the ceiling.

Clothes from the barn: Do your horse blankets divide? When yes, you can select your blankets with the sizes in inch and your stable name or your first name. Use the horse's name to indicate which blankets are associated with a particular horse. The boarding school horses: Direct the boarding students to use their last name or horse name to help identification of their possession.

In order to further differentiate boarder-owned clothes, deliver a different colour of marking (red for you, dark for them) or suggest they order cloth name badges. If you have a large number of ponies, please introduce the stable personnel to your lettering system. Everyone who covers the horse should be able to see which clothes fit which horse and the difference between stable and pensioners' possession.

Monogrammes are a permanent mark of property, although they add to the effort. They checked the horse clothes on site. Contaminate the confusion by dividing blankets into categories: activity, events or period. According to the seasons you have either light linen or heavy blankets on the horse. An individual horse could have a day-cloth for the stable and a flying towel for the drivers' camp (summer) or a stable cover and a layer of switches (winter).

Cooler climates could be added inlay and cowl. Show cooler and umbrellas are among the clothes for particular occasions. Here you determine the location for all horsewear. Each ceiling is stored either horizontal (folded and stacked) or vertical (suspended from a frame). Ceilings in use enhance the risk of disorder and provide day-to-day accessibility.

Select one of three different cover for your horse. 1 ) If you are not on the horse, unfold the top at the back seams and unfold it again to attach it to a stable front top. 2 ) Attach front barn pockets to each rubber sheet beam. Unfolded cover hiding in pocket.

The use of pockets makes the stable corridor neater, although it requires a lot of storage and removal of the ceiling. 3 ) Suspend the ceiling in a special place in the saddlestor. To ventilate the ceiling, the swivel-arm ceiling stand can be suspended in its full length. Reduce the amount of floor area required by fitting collapsible rubber rods that can be folded down when not in use.

Swivel-mounted shelving units also tilt flush against the walls. Every single horse can switch between two blankets every single working days, e.g. a stable bedclothes in the stable and a switch in the drivers' area. If this is the case, allocate a bin for the ceiling that is not in use. Place a provisional place near the stable to place the rug when the horse is being cared for or trained.

Where is the best place to store clothes that are not in use? Oscillating ceiling strips promote ventilation for the thick, isolated ceilings. Suspended four-bar rubber cloth shelving piles four blankets, arcs or radiators in plies pleated over each rod. There is less room, but you must guide each fabric over closely spaced tracks.

There are three tracks for three ceilings in a new ceiling strip from Apple Picker ( In order to pile on racks, half and then quarter folding horsewear. In order to keep the blankets free of dirt, you should mark one or more stapling bags for long-term use. provides galvanised cabinets for various applications, available in various designs and models, which can be quickly collapsed and stowed but are safe on the exhibition area.

If your stable is not totally mouse-free, keep blankets away from these spiky nails and toes. Ceilings can grow powdery powder in a damp environment. It is a true challange to have a damp stable with mouses, because you have to defend yourself from the living creatures and at the same time allow the ventilation. This three-stage layout maximizes the "storage space" for horse clothes in your stable.

The organization keeps the clothes available, neat and operational.

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