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I' m asked a great deal about how to find good offers for horse gear, and well, all kinds of horse gear. They can find great offers on line, places like eBay, and even Facebook now has groups where folks are selling their used outfits. If you are looking for the best of the best horse gear, you may have to spend a great deal of time.

If you want to buy something new and you're not sure where to look, I always go to the camp first and then to Dover. There are many movies you can see on my channels and at least 3 new movies every weeks, so sign up for my channels so you can know when I have a new one!

I' ll show you how you can make your own horse jumping, tack room furnitures and many review and other horse related things and just have a lot of horse time. I use the following cameras for my videos: This videodescription contains affilate link, i.e. if you click on one of the products link I get a small surcharge.

Allows me to keep making such video and help supporting the canal.

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