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Favourable horse turnout blankets

Soft horse blankets are used to protect horses from colder weather conditions while they are being pulled out. Zippered Jammies Designer Lycra Horse Hood. Which size of turnout cover should I buy? Our blankets are light, medium and heavy for all your needs. If you need a stable blanket, a light soft cloth, a medium-weight soft or a heavy soft blanket, we have it in stock.

Soft ceilings - Horse&Rider

Cantilever Tough-1 Polar 1680D water resistant polypropylene crossover. High-densier shell is tear-resistant; 500-gram polyester filling provides heat; watertight. Coole functions: Water resistant liner to help the horse remain hydrated; creases on the shoulders for more mobility. 600D Lite Amigo Soft Weight. horse ware Ireland. Provides watertight, breatheable cover without being too warm (there is no filling between the external and internal tissue layers).

It is also suitable for overlaying over a solid ceiling. Coole function: When the horse is moving, the front leg Arches prevents additional material from collecting around the front forelegs. For more information: Turtle Turnout Rug. Turtle Neck Horse Clothing. Absolutely satisfying warranty; watertight, breathing. Coole functions: Stretch neck keeps away items; replacement set with additional shoulder strap and flexneck.

Removable neckprotection for additional protection; watertight, breathing; 1200-denier rip-stop-outshell. Coole function: W ither reliefs pads lift the rug from the horse's back and protect the hair from friction. StemShield® Body Armor High Deck Heavyweight Soft. Two year warranty on 1800 denier shell; watertight, breathing. Coole functions: Tall neckline and long sides for increased shelter.

High deniers make the material harder. Pay attention to this property in soft ceilings, especially in damp climatic zones. - Horse blankets are available in two standard designs. It has a white, black and white colour and is suitable for slender, long-legged ponies.

Soft cover purchase advice | Country & Stable US

It' important that your horse is well sheltered from bad atmospheric condition, whether it is raining, snows or the sun is shining. When the cold season comes, a high-quality turnout cover is an important part of the horse outfit. Soft blankets can help keep your horse hot and cold and are available in different weight depending on the season and the weathers.

At Country & Stable US we have a large selection of turnout covers for all season, horse size and all weathers. But if you are not sure where to begin, our practical guidebook can help you! Consider the following when choosing the turnout ceiling:

Race, Ages and Height - An older horse needs more shelter; a bigger horse needs more leans. Ceiling styling - maybe you want an eye-catching look? Ceiling material - do you need a complete impregnation? Using the ceiling - will your horse stay outside for a long while?

Do I know if my horse needs a turnout rug? Autumn is usually the best period to keep your horse from the coldness as the winter beats. Like us, if your horse is too chilly, it is likely that his head is at the end.

Don't let the coldness in - even the horse gets sick, so act quickly and have a soft-top. Switch ceiling ballast........ Soft ceilings are available in different sizes and thicknesses. During the cooler seasons it is recommended to switch to middle and heavy soft ceilings. Naturally the load of the turnout cover you select depends strongly on the climate of your site and of course your horse!

Just as with people, every horse is different and some get cold faster than others. That is especially the case when your horse is shorn. Which crossover ceiling should I buy? We recommend that you take your measurements from the middle of your horse's breast to the middle of his cock.

You can use the chart below to help with the measurement, but before you buy turnout covers on-line, we always advise you to find an exact record by measurement of your horse. Tip: If your horse is between your horse sizing, you should make him bigger and bigger! Use the Horseware Amigo Hero 6 Turnout 0g Lite for a light bed.

The high-grade turnout cover is fully respiration-active and above all watertight. With a 600 deniers cover and a 0g filling your horse will be safe, secure and lucky with this softcover. In this way your horse is kept safe from the elements, and can feel well outdoors.

Bucas Irish Turnout Extra is a heavy-duty turnout cover made of 100% absorbent and watertight material complete with gauze. The turnout cover provides full versatility for your horse thanks to the many carriers and dart offs. Your horse's well-being should always be in the foreground, so that in bad wheather your horse is kept in a soft cover.

In which turnout ceiling are you interested?

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