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Here you find Campdraft and Rodeo Horses for sale on Horsezone. Lucky I planned to keep as my own show horses, but unfortunately the drought forces some sales that I normally would not have considered. The area of the website is operated by, a sponsor of our club.

An estate deep in the lush hills of the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW. Proceeds go towards the rehabilitation of abused, neglected and abandoned horses and ponies.

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As it turns out, horses can also profit from this antibacterial and antimycotic properties....bindings. It can help with ulcer, acidiosis, colic and dysbiotic and is especially useful for horses with cereal forage. The most horses seem to enjoy the flavour, so it is a good way to conceal less tasty additions and medicines.

In contrast to crude oily or siliconic basis oils, coir nut oils are readily incorporated into your coat and sebum. Sludge Disease - The antimicrobial effect is ideal for the treatment of sludge Disease and the prevention of reinfections. ?recommended?recommended Amount to be fed was on a daily basis 1/2 mug per animal.

For sale horses. Ranked equestrian sale in NSW.

The advertisements are shown for a duration of one months with the possibility of extension. Indicate whether the stallion has been resold. In search of the next stallion for our professional, highly motivated and ambitioned 11-year-old jumper. Has to have well-functioning flat work, jumps reliably over 85cm, sensitive to.....

Saintubbsy: 6 years old, 16.1hhh, fox gelding. Foxes. He is a quite smooth and healthy stubby with a relaxed temper. Shallow work is wellestablished, smooth and reactive and moves away from the legs.

New Bydand Australia horses for sale in Scone NSW

This is a area known for raising top horses, known as Scone, Australia's equestrian city. At Bydand, our aim is to raise old-fashioned Australia horses with hereditary characteristics such as eyes, endurance, mobility and good spirited. We are proud to produce this versatile stud farm animal and Bydand has an impressive pedigree.

Our speciality is the production of a real breeding horses. Raised in the bushy hills, the Bydand race can raise cows until the rising sundowner. On the other side of the livestock breeding field, the horses have also become travellers on weekends, who have travelled in many different sports from ponies, drawing and show jumps to pole-kick.

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