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Inexpensive light carpets

Light weaved carpets Beautiful charming carpet, I put it in the galley with a beautiful muddy no-slip underneath ('if you put it on wooden or tiled, it's a must!) It's not as lively as in the photo, but I didn't object, the threads used (at least in mine) were gray, which makes the paint dull overall. Marvelous qualitiy. But the carpet I ordered is not golden, it is rose & amber ('30% of which are the alternative colours). We are very disillusioned, we really enjoy the good workmanship, but it just doesn't work with the other colours.

It is a great thing that we like so much that we could try the colour of dry sands.

I' ve purchased two of these carpets - both on my Florida veranda and they are great! Light, let plenty of fresh air through so as not to harm the floor, and extremely simple to spray. When you have a puppy with long clutches spinning in a circle, it may pull on the fabric, but it's easier to straighten it because it's made of sculpt!

Beautiful, light carpet. It' on your legs and the colours are great. It is even and sleek and the colour, a bright orange-red is breathtaking. Now, I really like the additional 4 inch in length over a tacky mats. The use of this pad on a high gloss glossy gym deck without the handle was a small challenge as it slid, but I had no difficulties on other boards without the handle.

It is a good workmanship and is of high qualitiy. These carpets are my favourite, the colour is just right and they are the ideal mixture of land and city. It' looking nice and feeling slippery. This carpet I purchased to put under my dinner counter because I have two little doggies that sometimes claim that the leaves of the tables are bushes peeing on them.

It can be easily cleaned with a spraying cylinder or a fast external cleaning with the tub. I' m very lucky to have at last a living room mat that looks good, is simple to care for when the puppies hit me and doesn't get worn out, no matter how often I have to do it.

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